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Spectrum Addict: LOAD "FILM 2"
« on: October 31, 2017, 20:44:31 PM »

Latest Update: 27 Oct 2917 - Improved Rewards & Perks for Load “Film 2” Backers

Spectrum Addict LOAD “FILM 2” is pretty much two-thirds funded, and I asked for feedback. Thank you! You guys helped me a lot. So, responding to feedback I wanted to a) state exactly what the NEW film will be about, and b) make some improvements to the pledges with added perks and bonuses if you back the new film.

A) For the sake of clarity, this film will focus on the new interviews (like with Mel Croucher and Jon Ritman), there will be a lot more about the history and technology of the Spectrum itself (and its variants, including the Amstrad takeover, with the tech side fulfilled with the help of Andy C Spencer from the Retro Computer Museum, because when I last visited, honestly: “I’ve seen things you people would never believe”); there’ll be much more about the GAMES themselves, with ‘guest’ reviews, we’ll be covering ALL the magazines this time – and there will only be the odd snippet from unused footage taken from the first film if I feel it’s appropriate.

Load “Film 2” is NOT a Frankenstein feature of bolted together old bits. It’s a brand NEW film.

B) I’m adding to the perks. Now EVERYBODY who backs the film will have their name in the end credits. For the £50 and above pledges, your name will more prominent in the film (outgoing initial credits, like the stars themselves) as opposed to en-masse in the list of names you normally see at the end, plus you’ll also get three signed photographs of the film’s stars (I’m currently negotiating, but many have agreed) as an added perk for your extra pennies.

C) Finally, everybody who pledges £10 and above will receive a link to watch the first film online (non-download SD) version.

 hope this adds clarity and helps improve your incentive to back this Kickstarter in its final week.

Check it out here
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