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« on: March 16, 2017, 22:47:29 PM »
Here you go guys after many of you kept requesting it from me, finally here it is, a longplay of the AWESOME Project ZX game.

So the story is, Sir Clive Sinclair is seriously p*ssed-off with all us kids back in the day that used his invention for games only and not It's intended purpose which was for learning at home after school.
He embarks on evil retribution by unleashing hundreds of characters from around 100 games to destroy you, but you can stop this by controlling your fighter and blasting your way through a dozen levels across many games released by many software houses on your mission to confront Sir Clive himself.
This is an absolute wonderful game, cleverly invented and implimented to full enjoyment, I found myself smirking hugely with nostalgia seeing all these classic games of my past, it really is a great idea of a game and a total joy and laugh to play.
Included in this longplay is the full game including the secret bonus stage, progression screen, ending and hifi music screen, all times listed below.
I really hope you all enjoy watching this longplay, officially the first longplay recorded of this amazing game Project ZX.
All level start times are shown in the Youtube video.
Note: first few minutes is game and spoiler alert info for your own good just in case you do not wish it to spoil any surprises if you are still playing the game.
Download the game here below and consider donating a small payment for all the hard work that's gone into this game for you to play free of charge:

All the best, Zeus.
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