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Hatari setup (Windows)
« on: October 06, 2016, 13:07:16 PM »
I setup this Hatari to play/test Custodian for the ST and although difficult, not impossible. I'm assuming setup is similar for Mac and Linux.

Here are my own quick steps to get this baby up and running:
Install zlib (for Windows, use the top "Setup" link)
For Mac, install LiBSDL

Download Hatari and unzip wherever.
Delete tos.img from the directory to make the error screen appear in the following steps.
Download and place emutos or other TOS image(s) in the directory.

Double click hatari.exe
An error appears that it can't find the file you deleted above-click OK

Click System
Setup the following like this:
Machine type: STE
CPU type: 68000
CPU clock: 8Mhz
Falcon DSP: None
CPU and system parameters:
Check: Blitter emulation
Check: Prefetch mode, slower
Click: Back to main menu

On main menu:
Select: ROM
Select: your new/other Tos.img (that you legally dumped from your own files or using emutos which is legal)

On main menu:
Select: Memory
Select: 4 MiB
Click: Back to main menu

On main menu:
Select: Floppy disks
Make sure Fast floppy access IS NOT checked
Click: Back to main menu

On main menu:
Select: Hard disks
Select: Browse button next to GEMDOS
Navigate to (or create and navigate to) a folder named AtariHDD somewhere convenient on your drive
Click: OK
Make sure Write protection is Off
Check: Boot from HD
Click: Back to main menu

On main menu:
Select: Atari screen
Make sure "Show ST/STE borders" is checked
Click: Back to main menu

On main menu:
Select: Save config.
Create a file somewhere named config.cfg
Navigate to this file and select it to save your settings
On main menu click: OK

To play a game, click hatari.exe in the folder
Click OK to dismiss the message about not being able to load tos.img
If a config file is saved as in the step above, click Load config. and highlight the file, then click OK
Click OK 3 times to reboot the system
Press the right (directional) key to abort the memory test
On the desktop, click the Hard Disk icon to highlight it
Click File-Open to open the AtariHDD folder where your games are/should be
Click to open a folder for a game and click a .prg or .tos file inside to load the game
ex; Fast double click the CUSTOD folder to open it
Once inside, fast double click the RUNME.TOS file to load/play the game
On the main screen click the A key to open options
Click the A key to select 'set keys'
Press the spacebar to set the keys; WASD for directional keys and L to fire
Press W to move up to Start Game
Press L to start the game and * on the numpad to end the game