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Project 64-configuring mouse
« on: October 06, 2016, 12:21:45 PM »
I've been reading up on using a mouse with this emu, version 1.6 specifically, and of what I've found, no definitive setup info. Anyone here pull this off and could share some tips?
Supposedly, NRage_DInput8_V2_2.1.dll copied to the plugins directory is needed and once selected via Options-Settings, I can configure the settings by going to Options-Configure Controller Plugin. Looks like there are some settings for the mouse on the Device tab but not sure how to use them.
I don't have an original N64 controller to use on my laptop so this is the next best thing for playing some DOOM 64. Any help is appreciated :)

Nevermind, got that badboy. This is a start anyway. It's a little twitchy and sensitive but will work until some additional tweaking is done. Also, I need more comfortable placement for the strafing buttons (currently set for z & c)

In a nutshell:

Actually, 1000% on the Mouse Sensitivity X & Y is betta 8)

Then up the sensitivity in-game:

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