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Let's Compare - The Punch-Out Series
« on: May 06, 2016, 02:21:35 AM »

The Punch-Out!! series consists of boxing-themed video games created by Nintendo, in which the player controls a boxer who fights other boxers in order to rise through the ranks of the World Video Boxing Association, and eventually become the world champion.


All of the Punch-Out!! games follow the same formula: the player plays as a boxer and fights an opponent, having the ability to throw punches, and dodge or block their opponents' attacks. Players can throw left- and right-handed punches, and target those punches to their opponent's head or body. Opponents usually block punches that the player throws, but they become considerably more vulnerable if the player dodges an attack of theirs; this is called a "stun", and this dodge-and-counter strategy is the fundamental part of playing the game. The player can also use a special attack, the Knockout Punch or Star Punch, depending on the game. The former can be used when the player fills out their Knockout Meter, which fills when the player lands consecutive hits on their opponent while not getting hit, while the latter is dependent on Stars, which the player can earn by hitting opponents at cruicial points of vulnerability, such as right before they attack.

The player's goal in each fight is to knock out their opponent before the match ends, while not being knocked out themselves. Both fighters have a set amount of health, which is displayed with a health meter. Once a fighter's health meter is empty, they will be knocked down, and the match's time will be paused as the referee starts counting to 10. If the downed boxer can not stand back up before the referee reaches 10, they are considered to be knocked out, and the other boxer will win the match. If they do manage to get back up, the match will continue, and the boxer will regain some of their health. If a boxer is knocked down three times in the same round, or three times overall in games with single-round matches, the other boxer automatically wins with a "technical knock-out".

The maximum time limit of a match varies between the games; in some, a match lasts a full, three-minute round, while in others, a match lasts three three-minute rounds. Once the time limit has been reached, the player will either lose the match automatically, or the match will be decided by a split decision; this, too, varies between games. When a player loses a match, they will either rematch the boxer they just fought, or drop down in the rankings and fight the previously-fought boxer, depending on the game. When a player wins a match, they move up in the rankings and fight the next boxer. Once the player has defeated all of the boxers, up through the World Champion, they win the game.

In some games, players have a "hearts" statistic, alongside their health. These hearts represent the player's fighting spirit, and are displayed as a number alongside a heart symbol. The number of hearts varies in each match, and the player will lose some if they get hit by an opponent's attack, if they block an opponent's attack, or if one of their attacks is blocked by the opponent. Once the player runs out of hearts, they will no longer be able to attack. In order to restore their hearts, the player must dodge their opponent's attacks.

Source:  Punch-Out!! Wiki

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