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Sega Saturn Info
« on: May 26, 2012, 17:08:15 PM »
For Info...

This is a hidden Easter Egg game for the Sega Saturn, similar to Artillery Duel or a simple Worms for 7 players.

You need both Quake and Duke Nukem 3D.
Load Quake and create a save game.
Load Duke Nukem 3D and there will now be an option to play Death Tank.

This game is 7 players and a good alternative game for a system running 10 Player Bomberman.

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Re: Sega Saturn Info
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2012, 17:08:53 PM »
Daytona USA offers a system link feature allowing 2 Sega Saturns to be hooked up for two player action using 2 saturns/tv's/steering wheels. But there is a catch - Only the Japanese version of the game (Daytona USA Circuit Edition) supports the system link feature.

Saturn Bomberman which support 10 Players (Yes 10!) on widescreen using 2 Multitaps and 10 controllers - and 8 players in standard screen mode. There is also an Air Hockey Game that supports 12 Players with 12 Controllers! The Saturn supports these multiplayer games:

3 Player Games
Three Dirty Dwarves
Capcom Generation 4 - Sucks
Rampage World Tour? (Check!)

4 Player Games
Noon (Jap)
Winter Heat
Sega Ages: Rouka Ni Itidantoa-Ru - (SEARCH!)
Slam-N-Jam 96
Bomberman Fight! (JAP)
College Slam
Break Point Tennis - sucks
Hansha De Spark - sucks
NBA Jam Extreme - sucks
Keriotosse - sucks
WWF In Your House - sucks
Blast Chamber - sucks
Trash It - (SEARCH!)
Olympic Soccer
Virtual Open Tennis
NBA Jam Extreme
International Victory Goal

6 Player Games
Fire Pro Wrestling: 6 Men Scramble
Guardian Heroes
Death Tank
Space Jam - sucks
NHL Powerplay
FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA Soccer 97

7 Player Game
Death Tank Zwei (duke nukem 3d and quake required to run this)

8 Player Game
Street Racer
Virtual Volleyball (JAP)
NBA Action 98
NBA Live 98
NHL 97
NHL 98
NHL Allstar Hockey 98
FIFA Soccer 98

10 Player Games:
Saturn Bomberman
NBA Action
NBA Live 97

12 PLAYER Games:
NFL Quarterback Club 96
NFL Quarterback Club 97
NHL Allstar Hockey