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Recommended Console Games
« on: September 30, 2014, 03:36:43 AM »
Here are the best games recommended for each console by the users of this forum!

Just click on the link to bring up the thread for the relevant system!

Atari 2600 VCS
Atari 5200 Super System
Atari 7800 Pro System
Atari XE Games System
Atari Jaguar
Atari Jaguar CD
Sega Master System
Sega Megadrive
Sega Mega CD
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo NES
Nintendo Virtual Boy
Nintendo SNES
Nintendo 64
Philips Videopac / Magnavox Odyssey 2
Philips CD-i
NEC PC Engine / TurboGrafx
SNK Neo Geo
Commodore C64GS
Commodore Amiga CD32
Panasonic / Goldstar 3DO
Amstrad GX4000
Sony Playstation
MB Vectrex
Mattel Intellivision
CBS Coleco Vision
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