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Re: Your Gaming History
« Reply #15 on: September 12, 2014, 22:58:56 PM »
Well, having skimmed through the posts here, I can see how it would be very difficult for many of you to justly answer the topic question.

I don't class myself as a gamer as such though I do enjoy them. I guess I am more a casual gamer. Anyhow, for me, and I don't recall the dates, it all started like this:

80's Arcade machines - Blackpool, holiday camps, seaside resorts etc

80's Atari VCS - Loved this but it was not cheap

80's Atari 800XL - Fantastic machine, replaced later by the 130 XE

90's Mega Drive - Played on other people's machines as we were never rich enough to buy such a thing

1993 ish Atari Jaguar - My pashion!

Present day - Atari Jaguar (still collecting) & PC

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