Custom Covers

Barb and Jerry (a.k.a., Papa and Nanny by their seven grandchildren) have been married for 41 years and have been in business for themselves in the states of Illinois and Texas. Though their main carriers have been in the automotive field, Jerry always had a fascination with video games. This fascination turned into a desire to bring back these wonderful and family oriented retro gaming systems to be enjoyed today. Using his mechanical background, Jerry has been able to bring back to life many retro systems and, together with Barb, they enjoy going to garage and estate sales to find neat stuff that others will enjoy. The interest in video game consoles gave Barb the opportunity to start a new hobby - embroidering and needlepoint! Using her skills, she began making custom dustcovers for the Atari 2600 consoles but soon, thanks for multiple requests, she expanded her creations to include covers for many others systems. With Jerry’s help, Barb has been selling these custom dustcovers on E-Bay for more than five years and on Atari Age for the past three years and they now add their venture to the Retro Video Gamer forum. Barb and Jerry pride themselves in being honest and in treating others the way they themselves want to be treated, so be confident that you are in good hands when purchasing these dustcovers.

Sega Dreamcast $18.50

Also available in blue lettering.

Mattel Intellivision II $18

Also available with purple running man.

Sega Genesis/MegaDrive 1 $18.50

Sega Genesis/MegaDrive 2 $16.50

Atari Jaguar CD $27.50

Also available in White lettering.

Atari Jaguar $18.50

Also available in White lettering.

ColecoVision $20.00

ColecoVision Roller Controller $20.00

ColecoVision Module1 $16.50

Fairchild Channel F $26

Nintendo Entertainment System $17.50

Also available in white lettering.

NES-101 $17.50

Atari 2600 $19.50

Atari 2600 Jr $17

Atari 5200 $20

Atari 5200 Trackball $18

Atari VCS $20

Atari 7800 $18

Sega Saturn $28

Sega Master System 1 $14

GCE/MB Vectrex $40

Super Nintendo Entertainment System $16.50

Also available without the Nintendo logo and with red lettering.

Commodore 64 $18.50

Commodore VIC-20 $18.50

Also available all white without Commodore logo.

Atari 800 $18.50

Atari 400 $20

Also available in red lettering.

Mattel Aquarius $20

Nintendo 64 $16.50

Complete ColecoVision Set $50

Complete Atari 5200 Set $36

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Include “Covers from RVG” in the subject.