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MAME & Emulators / Sega Genesis 'Game Code Modifications' :p
« on: November 02, 2015, 04:27:34 AM »
Here are some hacks I did to a few personal favorites 8)
Back up your rom (legally dumped from your collection, and all that) then open it with a hex editor, search for the strings and make changes as illustrated then quick save to play in Fusion or on flash cart with the cheats embedded.

Only tested on NTSC versions

Contra Hard Corps
[spoiler]Invulnerable P1/P2: 1 instance
Search: 42A9000261004D0C4E75534033400058
Change: 42A9000261004D0C4E75534033406004

Infinite Lives/Bombs P1/P2: 1 instance
Search: 000600063546000A36690064532B0011
Change: 000600063546000A36690064532B6004[/spoiler]

Ghouls and Ghosts
[spoiler]Infinite Time:
Search: 70007201102D3049670881011B403049
Change: 70007201102D3049670881011B406004

Invulnerable (can still fall or get crushed):
Search: 000084EE3338206D334C4ED0536D3318
Change: 000084EE3338206D334C4ED0536D6004

Infinite Lives:
Search: 11FC0000F6004E75226D32CE53290013
Change: 11FC0000F6004E75226D32CE53296004

Never Lose (current) Armor:
Search: 8000F72E137C00010011137C00010012
Change: 8000F72E137C00010011137C00016004[/spoiler]

Golden Axe 3
[spoiler]Infinite Lives:
Search: 670E5328013C
Change: 670E53286004

Infinite Health:
Search: E24193290142
Change: E24193296004

Invulnerability: Have to die by being beat to death once per stage before it triggers. Won't work with Infinite Health
Search: 0001114000A8
Change: 000111406004

Infinite Magic:
Search: 000693280140
Change: 000693286004[/spoiler]

Gunstar Heroes
[spoiler]Infinite Health:

Infinite Health 2:

Inf Health 3:


Infinite Time in Maze (boss):

[spoiler]Infinite Time: E891
Search: 08F80007E87E11FC003BE8925338E891
Change: 08F80007E87E11FC003BE89253386004

Infinite Lives:
Search: 0042426C0044422C00664E755378E87C
Change: 0042426C0044422C00664E7553786004

Infinite Health:
Search: 4EB900069FA44CDF0030600A9178E878
Change: 4EB900069FA44CDF0030600A91786004

Infinite Special Weapon on pickup:
Search: 0005E87E4E750103070F1F005378E886
Change: 0005E87E4E750103070F1F0053786004

Keep Multiplier:
Search: 000A000001904A78E88267785378E882
Change: 000A000001904A78E882677853786004[/spoiler]

Vectorman 2
[spoiler]Infinite Time:
Search: 08F80007E9C011FC003BE9D45338E9D3
Change: 08F80007E9C011FC003BE9D453386004

Infinite Lives:
Search: 0042426C0044422C00664E755378E9BE
Change: 0042426C0044422C00664E7553786004

Infinite Health:
Search: 4EB90005997A4CDF0030600A9178E9BA
Change: 4EB90005997A4CDF0030600A91786004

Keep Multiplier:
Search: 0000000A012C4A78E9C467785378E9C4
Change: 0000000A012C4A78E9C4677853786004

Infinite Special Weapon on pickup:
Search: 0005E9C04E750103070F1F005378E9C8
Change: 0005E9C04E750103070F1F0053786004[/spoiler]

MAME & Emulators / MAME setup in Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 LTS (32bit)
« on: October 31, 2015, 16:49:42 PM »
I'm writing this out as a noob guide, hopefully so there's question as to exactly what needs to be done to get up and running. Especially for anyone new to Linux (such as myself) :113:

Open Terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and type in:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:c.falco/mame
Press [Enter]

When complete, type in:
sudo apt-get update
Press [Enter]

When complete, type in:
sudo apt-get install mame
Press [Enter]

When complete, type in:
Press [Enter]

(can press alt + Enter to exit full screen)
exit MAME by hitting [esc]

Back in the Terminal window type:
cd ~/.mame && mame -cc
Press [Enter]

To change any paths, in Terminal this would be the time to do it (not recommended):
gedit ~/.mame/mame.ini
Press [Enter]
(Paths can be changed to accommodate hard drive space but changes can also render MAME inoperable. Before doing anything, it's recommended to back up mame.ini to replace as needed)

Open a new Terminal and type:
cd ~/.mame
Press [Enter]
Next, type:
mkdir  ~/.mame/nvram memcard roms inp comments sta snap diff
Press [Enter]

To access the default folder to copy roms to, open a new Terminal and type:
sudo nautilus /usr/local/share/games/mame/roms
Press [Enter]-Type in your password if required and Press [Enter] again.

To add cheats:
Download here and unzip.
Move the cheat.7z file to Home/.mame
Navigate to /home/yourname/.mame and open mame.ini with gedit
Search for cheatpath (Line 17) and it'll look like:
cheatpath                 $HOME/mame/cheat;/usr/local/share/games/mame/cheat;/usr/share/games/mame/cheat
Change it to:
cheatpath                 $HOME/.mame/cheat
Search cheat (Line 161) and change its value from 0 to 1
Quick save and exit gedit
During game, press tab to see the new menu entry

To play, open Terminal and type:
mame gamename
Press [Enter]

For Sokoban L.E., extract the files then rezip only b96-07.ic9, b96-08.ic8, ic10 and a 0 bytes (user) created gal16v8-b86-04.bin and place in /usr/local/share/games/mame/roms. When loaded, an error will appear about missing CHD files, etc. Disregard by pressing Enter and play.

A good rule of thumb to prevent the Enter key from failing to function is to re-map it immediately after installation. Do this by running a rom, pressing tab and selecting Input (general)-User Inrface-UI Select and pressing Enter twice. Press Esc to exit MAME. Navigate to home/.mame/cfg and backup default.cfg elsewhere to restore if needed. Rebooting your system can also fix the problem.

If you want MAME to open windowed by default, navigate to /home/yourname/.mame/mame.ini and open with gedit. Under # OSD VIDEO OPTIONS-window, change the value from 0 to 1 (Line 205), quick save and close it.

MAME & Emulators / MAME-What are you playing?
« on: October 31, 2015, 13:17:34 PM »

Been playing this all morning. Never beat it back in the day and decided (for some odd reason) that today it was necessary. But it's a lot harder than I remember.. Just getting past the moving blocks at the end of level 2 was a nightmare.
I have Pugsy's cheats installed and hesitated using them early on but infinite lives became a must pretty quick.
Blows me away that that much skill or dexterity can be lost (I used to be good :113:

More screens:

MAME & Emulators / Compiling Virtual Jaguar v2.12 in Ubuntu 14.04
« on: October 12, 2015, 20:48:01 PM »
The edited version containing only the necessary info after a clean install of Ubuntu 14.04:

[size=140]Virtual Jaguar[/size]
Installing the necessary dependencies, compiling the source and running VJ 2.12

Via Terminal: Ref
sudo apt-get install build-essential checkinstall
sudo apt-get install cvs subversion git-core mercurial
sudo apt-get install qt4-default libqt4-dev qtchooser qt4-designer (QT4 Ref)
Install libsdl1.2-dev via The Ubuntu Software Center (Ref)

Download VJ source (scroll to Downloads) or Direct download of v2.12 and extract into /home directory.

Open and search (line 20) for:
LIBS      += -Lobj -Lsrc/m68000/obj -ljaguarcore -lz -lm68k
Change it to:
LIBS      += -Lobj -Lsrc/m68000/obj -ljaguarcore -lm68k -lz
Quick save and exit.

Compile it via Terminal:
cd virtualjaguar

When complete (can take a couple minutes)  navigate to virtualjaguar-src-file.cpp and open it with gedit (or whichever editor) and in my file it's line 255. It says:
   // We can assume we have JST_NONE at this point. :-P
   return false;

Change it to read:
   // We can assume we have JST_NONE at this point. :-P
   // CW - I'm going to assume this is a BJL file that loads/runs at 0x4000
   WriteLog("FILE: Setting up homebrew (BJL)... Run address: %08X, length: %08Xn", 0x4000, jaguarROMSize);
   memcpy(jagMemSpace + 0x4000, buffer, jaguarROMSize);
   delete[] buffer;
   jaguarRunAddress = 0x4000;
   return true;

Then quick save and exit file.cpp

~To run Virtual Jaguar~
Via Terminal:
cd virtualjaguar

Open Jaguar-Configure-General tab
Change the EEPROMs path from:

Change the Software path from:

Copy ROMs to /home/yourname/.local/share/data/virtualjaguar/software/ (may have to create the directory)
Restart Virtual Jaguar

For a desktop shortcut, navigate to /home/yourname/virtualjaguar/virtualjaguar (3.1 MB executable), right click on it and choose Make Link. Move Link to desktop.

Save States for VJ
Latest Windows versions

Edit- I've attached the modified files. goes in /home/virtualjaguar, replacing the original and file.cpp goes in /home/virtualjaguar/src, replacing the original.

Another way to run VJ with the Windows executable is to download the latest version here, place it in /home and via Terminal:
wine virtualjaguar.exe
When it loads, click Jaguar-Configure and paste in the paths from above-following same instructions. (may have to create the folder(s) )

Marketplace / Another World on ebay
« on: October 07, 2015, 02:20:59 AM »
Just saw this and at only $102.50 with 3 bids and 2 days to go, might be an opportunity for someone to get their hands on this highly sought after item.
Another World

I'm #160 on the current run so I'll wait to be contacted when mine's ready 8) Otherwise, I'd be all over this badboy.

MAME & Emulators / MAME Releases
« on: October 03, 2015, 17:22:25 PM »
Just got this 8)


A new version of MAME is out with a typical update, including some new CHDs, for the arcade games.

Full and update sets available at: ... 8769b4917b

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Unsubscribe ... ff211d5500

MAME & Emulators / Amiga WinUAE Setup WIP
« on: September 14, 2015, 18:57:00 PM »
NOTE: I did this using Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit)

Download/install Winuae.

Copy ROMS & any other Kickstart roms you own or have Googled for, to the newly created WinUAE folder (C:UsersPublicDocumentsAmiga FilesWinUAE)

Opening the Desktop shortcut will show this error message:
One of the following system ROMs is required:
- KS ROM v1.3 (A500,A1000,A2000) rev 34.5 (256k) [315093-02]
- KS ROM v1.3 (A3000)(SK) rev 34.5 (256k)
Check the System ROM path in the Paths panel and click Rescan ROMs.

Click OK to bring up the "WinUAE Properties" window and click Paths

Set the path to ROMs by clicking the button at the far right of its field and navigating to C:UsersPublicDocumentsAmiga FilesWinUAEROMS
Click Select Folder
WinUAE will automatically scan the roms. This will correct the opening error message.

Back in the WinUAE Properties window, click Game Ports
Port 1: Leave as Window mouse and set to Autofire (button underneath)
Port 2: Set to Keyboard Layout C (W=Up S=Down A=Left D=Right, Left ALT = Fire) and set to Autofire (button underneath)
Use Mouse left click, WASD, left Alt & left Shift

Back in the WinUAE Properties window, click Input
Select Standard PS/2 Keyboard from the drop window (make sure a greyed out check mark appears next to Device enabled)

Back in the WinUAE Properties window, click Quickstart
Click Select Image File and navigate to rom
Click Start

Tested on Abandoned Places - A Time for Heroes Press F12 to change disks. Left mouse once 'loaded'

:easiest way to start with winuae is using "Quickstart" option:choose computer type (A500) insert a game-disc and select "Game Ports" to configure joystick-option for port 2 ( works in most games this way).

key mapping
Using Quickstart in WinUAE
Keyboard cfg fix
Setting Up WinUAE (old version)

MAME & Emulators / SSF Saturn Emu
« on: September 06, 2015, 22:54:11 PM »
The SSF is my favorite emulator! There hasn't been an update since 6/8/2013 but I love this thing and try to keep up with the developer in Japan. If anyone is new to it, everything you should need (besides games) is on this page :)
Dev's page translated to English with the latest version
A list of confirmed working games with different versions
All the previous versions
SSF Tribute site Best all around info site imo
Info and cfg resources for SSF
SSF Guide & Trouble shooter
CD Image Repair guide
Using cheats with SSF I've done quite a bit with this info using CEP over the years. VERY handy app and means of cheating 8) Download CEP

Step by step CEP instructions:
NOTE: Master Codes are not supported and NOT needed.

1. Open a game and start playing, then pause
2. On SSF toolbar click About(A)-cep(C) buttons
3. Move 'cep base address' box to side of screen
4. From inside 'CEP' folder open 'APPLIST.TXT'
5. Compare 02 & 60 addresses and change APPLIST.TXT to match. (They will change w/in SSF each time the program is started)
6. When updated, quick save and close 'APPLIST.TXT'. Click OK and close 'cep base address'
7. From inside 'CEP' folder open CEP.EXE
8. Look up code(s) to be used
9. Under 'Process-Select Application' tab click 02 or 60 (if both types will be used, a 2nd instance of CEP will need to be opened for the other)
10. Without any more changes move to Cheat tab
10b. ex; for Invincible P1 the 'real' code is 3601E631 00FF.
    Since it's a "360" code (the 1st 3 digits), it must be changed to "300"1E631 00FF (minus the quote marks).
    "360" codes don't have the last four digits flip flopped so they're exactly as the original code.
    So basically:
    3601E631 00FF = 3001E631 00FF
11. Paste the code into the field, highlight them and click On
12. Play the game w/ cheats enabled

If you need other code(s) enabled beginning w/ 102 or 160, open a 2nd instance of CEP.EXE for these starting at step 7 above.
 ex; for Max Weapon Level P1:
    Max Weapon Level P1
    1601CE02 0021 = 8001CE02 2100 (<--last four digits flip flopped as pairs)
    1601CE04 2121 = 8001CE04 2121 (<--last four digits flip flopped as pairs)

If codes begin with numbers either 302 or 360 they must be changed to 300 (with the rest of the code matching exactly)
    302????? xxyy <-------> 300????? xxyy
    360????? xxyy <-------> 300????? xxyy
If codes begin with numbers either 102 or 160 they must be changed to 800 (with the last four characters flip flopped as pairs)
    102????? xxyy <-------> 800????? yyxx
    160????? xxyy <-------> 800????? yyxx

Also I learned that Joker commands starting with
these first 3 digits D6057F52 FFEF, can be use on this
option, SSF(60 160-360)|SSF.EXE|059403C0|$00100000

Just change the first 3 digits of the Joker command from D6057F52 FFEF to D0057F52 FFEF

So we could even update the option to SSF(60 160-360-D60)| SSF.EXE|059403C0|$00100000

For anyone that doesn't know a Joker command makes a code activate when
a specific button is pressed.

For example D0057F52 FFEF is the Joker command for UP on the control pad...

And 8005C570 0400 is the code for infinite double jump...

So putting the code into CEP like this...

D0057F52 FFEF
8005C570 0400

Will make infinite double jump only activate when you press up.[/spoiler]
BSFree codes for CEP

Retro Chat / My process for making Jaguar cart dust covers
« on: September 04, 2015, 23:35:05 PM »
Was looking for an online resource in case my hd ever crashes or it's another 20 years before I need to make one. This is what I came up but if anyone can improve on any part of the process, please do 8)

Items/tools needed:
12" ruler (single use)
tape measure
pen or pencil
8.5x11 printer paper
3/4" wide black electrical tape
.72" wide popsicle stick or tongue depressor (can be bought for almost nothing in packs from WalMart or dollar stores' crafts sections)
Scotch tape
Wire cutting pliers (or some other way to easily cut 1/16" wood)

Steps for making the templates: (one time deal)
Made a rectangular template out of thicker/stronger paper cut at dimensions of 9-1/2" x 1-1/8"
Drew "fold" lines across the 1-1/8" width @ 2-1/4" , 2-3/4" , 6-15/16" , 7-9/16"
Drew reference marks at 3/8" from bottom edge on both ends
Marked a popsicle stick at 4", then cut it for a template

Steps for making the actual covers:
1. Tear off and place 2 small pieces of Scotch tape nearby (conveniently placed to manipulate w/ one hand later)
2. Outline the template on a regular piece of 8.5 x 11 printer paper. (also place marks @ fold lines and 3/8" locations)
2a. Draw a line from one 3/8" mark to the other down the length of the paper for reference later.
3. Mark a .72 inch wide tongue depressor or popsicle stick @ 4"
4. Cut out the paper outlined by the template
5. Pull out enough length of electrical tape (about 12") and let it sit for a few seconds to retract to a relaxed state
6. Line the top edge of the cut out with 9-1/2" of 3/4" black electrical tape @ the tape's 3/8" halfway mark
7. Using scissors, cut along the fold marks approximately 3/8" at the 4 places marked
8. Turn the paper around and cut into the electrical tape 3/8" (until you reach the paper it's adhered to) directly across from the previous cuts. It doesn't have to be perfect so 'eyeballing' it will be fine.
9. Fold the tape sections over the top of the paper and affix them on the other side, creating a taped edge w/ splits all the way down the length on that edge.
10. Take a Jaguar cart with the label facing the the widest part of the paper and wrap the paper around it with the ends meeting near the center rear of the cart.
11. Line up the upper electrical tape edges and lightly remove any slack but don't pull it too tight as it will be difficult to remove the cover later.
12. Take one of the small pieces of Scotch tape and secure the electrical tape edges together
13. Turn the cart upside down and line up its bottom edge w/ the 3/8" line drawn at step 2a.
14. Fold the split edges of the paper down like a box top
15. Use the other piece of Scotch tape to secure the four 'flaps' in the center
16. Check the front of the cart with the electrical tape edge to ensure it runs evenly across the face of the label
17. Pull out enough length of electrical tape (about 6") and let it sit for a few seconds to retract to a relaxed state
18. Starting about 1/8" under the electrical tape upper edge on one side of the cart, press the electrical tape around the bottom of the cart's newly attached paper, and up the other side. Cut the elec tape about 1/8" under the upper edge (to match the other side)
19. Pull out enough length of elec tape to encompass the entire cart (about 10") and let it sit for a few seconds to retract to a relaxed state
20. Starting at the middle in back of the cart, stick the tape about 1/16" under the top edge of the 'folded tape' and without stretching it, run the tape around the cart, covering up any visible white paper, to meet again at the starting point
21. If all white paper areas are covered, gently & evenly press along the tape to secure it
22. Slide the cover off the cart w/out destroying the somewhat fragile integrity of the encasement. (if it's difficult to remove, try a less tight wrap around the cart in step 19)
23. Cut the marks on the popsicle stick from step 3 with wire cutting pliers (cut with the smaller piece facing into a garbage can as the force from the 'snap' when it gives, will launch the fragment in the opposite direction at about 30mph lol)
24. Check/measure to make sure the remaining piece is 4" or (even better) just under and that any rough edges/splits are filed down
25. Place the modified popsicle stick into the dust cover and press it down against the bottom to firmly seat it into position
26. Place the dust cover back on the cart

Homebrew Hardware / Jaguar Controller Inline USB
« on: September 04, 2015, 22:51:53 PM »
Just in case it hasn't been seen. I bought 4 of them on day 1 and being able to use my Jag pad with pc oriented games is a dream come true. I'd emailed Raphnet back in December of 2014 about him adding his other version to a controller for me. He said he was working on these and I offered to send him controllers for testing. The rest is history.

Finally, can use all 17 buttons on a pc 8)  He's been at this for some time and I'm glad since I don't solder and can't really use the kit he offered before. These will come in very handy, especially as advances are made w/ vj.


Retro Chat / Protecting your investment
« on: August 26, 2015, 15:37:08 PM »
What extremes do/would you go to to protect your game collection(s)? I've been thinking about it recently and wonder what ideas others may have to keep them safe. Right now, I have most of my stuff in a temperature controlled 'room' for lack of a better term, that's far from the mailing address I use for receiving items. It's complete with cameras that I monitor with my phone or pc and has a silent alarm but the possibility of a fire or destruction from a hurricane really bothers me.
 On that note, I was looking for ways to prevent anything from being able to happen (besides nuclear holocaust) and found some interesting ideas about underground storage. Using a cargo container similar to one of these and having the ground excavated with this inside would prevent hurricane damage and even fire as the metal and lack of oxygen should stop it quickly. Even above ground this may have enough weight to withstand 150+ mph winds with the only question being how to secure it properly. (ie; bolt cutters would easily bypass a lock and even if welds were in place on the doors, an acetylene torch would open it quickly enough)

Another thought was buying an inexpensive RV and keeping it climate controlled through an external electricity source with a portable air conditioner in the summer and a highly rated/safe space heater in winter. If the need arose I could just drive the collection (and family lol) away from the disaster.

Anyone else ponder this stuff?

Android, iOS & Mobile Gaming / OUYA Rooting & Resources
« on: August 15, 2015, 19:29:55 PM »
Most info derived from the Master Link and trimmed by me while using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.:

NOTE:[spoiler] I did everything outlined below while my 685GB external hard drive with all my emulators and ROMS was still connected, just to see what would happen. Nothing did happen or changed anything on the XHD (but I did have an exact copy of it all on a backup XHD just in case.)[/spoiler] Try at your own risk... along with anything read here. Btw, these are simplified notes I made for myself and opted to share in case of emergency so any plagiarism/infringement is unintentional ;)

1. Download the necessary file pack and extract the files to C:ouya_superuser.
-(Or download the 3 APKs individually):[spoiler]

(Another method is copying them straight to your OUYA either by Dropbox (recommended) or some other overly difficult means including side loading with a flash drive or using the built in ADB system and address on your network. (see Power up the OUYA and select: below for info) but the details of that method are not covered here)[/spoiler]

2. Download JDK7u79 and install it. (have to accept the license agreement)
Note:[spoiler] Could take a while to check pre-installation settings before allowing install.
Also, this is the earliest version of JDK7 I could find from a legitimate source.
The original version I installed to enable usage of the Android SDK was 7u71 but it's apparently available only to Java customers/members now. 7u79 worked flawlessly for this tutorial and I'd HIGHLY recommend retaining a copy for future use as it appears ready to fall off the map as well. Not sure if things have advanced enough (or ever will now) to make this work with a version of 8 but I did read somewhere in January 2015 that it will not. If you're reading this long after it was posted and decide to download/install a version of 7 found in the wild, be extremely careful as these exes can be packed with nasty little things that will destroy your computer. Trust me as I just restored the laptop I'm doing this with from testing that theory lol.[/spoiler]
-Click Close after install.

3. Next, download the Android SDK R21 for Windows. Extract it to C:android-sdk-windows

-Open C:android-sdk-windows and run SDK Manager.exe

When the Android SDK Manager window appears, install the 5 recommended components from here under Android SDK, just down the page, which are:
*Android SDK Tools
*Android SDK Platform-tools
*SDK Platform (uncheck Android 5.01, etc. & check Android 4.1.2 (API 16) instead!)
*Android Support Library
*Google USB Driver (if available)

NOTE:[spoiler] Sometimes 5 will install
Then another one will have to be done separately
Then the last one will have to be done separately (but this can be random or not occur at all. Just make sure they all get installed before moving on)[/spoiler]

Exit out of Android SDK Manager.
Power up the OUYA and select:
. Turn ADB: ON and ADB OVER NETWORK: ON. It will then show you the IP address of your wireless network.
Note:[spoiler] If you are connected via lan and you also connect via wireless network as well. It may show you the IP address of the wireless network. (see pics @ Master Link above)[/spoiler]

Open a command prompt and change directory to C:android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools (or navigate to C:WindowsSystem32 then right click and copy cmd.exe. Paste it into the folder above and run it directly from there.)
-If running directly from the folder above, in the command window type or paste: cd C:android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools
adb connect
(ip address will vary)
It should respond with something like: connected to
In the command window type or paste: adb shellsu (Make sure USB Debugging is disabled or permission will be denied; Manage-System-Advanced-Developer Options-uncheck USB debugging)
It should respond with: shell@android:/ #
Type or paste:
mount -o rw,remount -t ext4 /dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/APP
-If the default Ouya SU command passed successfully this should unlock all of the storage devices within the Ouya allowing us to modify core system files and should respond with:
ev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/APP                                   <
shell@android:/ #)
-Now we exit out of shell by typing:

Note:adb push C:ouya_superusersu /sdcard/su
adb shell
cat /sdcard/su > /system/xbin/su
ln -s /system/xbin/su /system/bin/su
chmod 6755 /system/xbin/su

Note:[spoiler] this will restore the command prompt text to the original platform-tools folder.

-Finally, we install some programs which are extremely useful to programs that rely on root and allow you the user to control how programs obtain permissions so it does not resort to total chaos.[/spoiler]

Type or paste:
adb install C:ouya_superusersuperuser.apkBusybox:  ?OPTIONAL?
-The utility is nice for those who have gone into ADB shell and realized that all of the commands that they are used to in linux are gone. Which is this program called BusyBox
-Type or paste: adb install C:ouya_superuserbusybox.apk
(This command prompt window can be left open/running for use with other APKs below.)
Note:[spoiler] The first time I tried to install busybox it failed saying may be caused by an improperly rooted device, etc. I backed out of the screens to the OUYA's default Play menu then navigated back to MAKE-SOFTWARE-BUSYBOX and it installed flawlessly (using Smart Install as a test to see what would happen with the 'risk' warning that accompanied this option.)[/spoiler]

Download the Mod Collection for Ouya and place it in the C:ouya_superuser Folder.
-Type or paste: adb install C:ouya_superuserMod_Collection4Ouya.5.1.apk
Navigate to MAKE-SOFTWARE-Mod Collection... to install
Can leave the Google Play Store alone right now. Won't work anyway until the next part is complete.
Install SU & Mods Preserver
I turned ON "Disable Auto Update" and it said changes will take place after reboot.
I left "Force HDMI Resolution" alone.. for now.
I left "Fix Overscan" alone.. for now.
I turned on "Make menu launch hack" and it said changes will take place after reboot.
I left "Debug Mode" alone.
Click "Reboot-OK"
"Your OUYA is upgrading" message appears. No prob
After boot is complete return to . Turn ADB: ON and ADB OVER NETWORK: ON. (Take note of the IP address in case it's changed.)
NOTE: This connection no longer seems to function when connecting the OUYA to Windows.

If you want to use the Google Play Store, download the and (for easiest method) place the APK in your DropBox.
NOTE:[spoiler] I'm using DropBox as my OUYA is no longer detected by my laptop. No worries, after the installation below it's once again recognized by Windows.[/spoiler]
From the OUYA, open FilePwn and go to /storage/sdcard0/Download. Highlight and press O to install. (Your DropBox settings may vary. I have mine set to auto download to this folder.)
"Complete action using" prompt appears. Use "Package installer" (and I clicked 'Always')
Click Install-Open
Xposed Installer screen will open.
Click 'Framework'-Tick 'Don't show this again'-OK
Click 'Install/Update-Allow-OK
The OUYA reboots automatically. (This is apparently where things can go wrong to brick the device but I had no problem whatsoever)
NOTE:[spoiler] Upon reboot, if you still have OUYA connected to Windows it should again be recognized.[/spoiler]

To access the Xposed Installer screen again go to MAKE-SOFTWARE
Click 'Modules'
On the next screen 'Mod Collection For OUYA' will be displayed. Use the mouse to put a check in the box. (Just pressing O will enter an unnecessary/useless screen. If you enter it, press U to return)
Back out of the screen, click Framework-Reboot-OK (to bind the mods to the framework)

After reboot, go to MAKE-SOFTWARE-Mod Collection For Ouya.
Install Google Play Store Mod and turn the setting to ON.
At the bottom of the page click Reboot-OK

After reboot go to MAKE-SOFTWARE-Play Store-Launch
Login and untick 'Keep me up to date with news and offers from Google Play.'-OK

You should now have a fully rooted OUYA and access to the Play Store.

NOTE:SU & Mods file that it calls for. simply click on the link and save it to the /sdcard/downloads/ folder on your Ouya (if you are viewing this reply on your Ouyas browser it will automaticly drop it there the moment you click on the link). It will then stop asking you to download it and install happily.

After that make sure you have a keyboard plugged into your Ouya because recovery mode does not care about your Joystick. Also, make sure that the video is plugged into a 720p or 1080p monitor because the recovery mode does not care about 480p safe mode! Scroll all the way down until it says button at the very bottom of the mod collection

From here you will be greeted with the ClockWork Mod recovery tool. perform the following tasks.

    Go into the advanced option and wipe the Dalvik Cache folder.
    Go back to the main menu back and wipe the Cache Partition
    Go and Wipe the data and factory reset the unit
    Reboot out of Recovery mode.

This should delete unessecary cache files in your android folders and allow you to re-install Google Play.

The usual disclaimer:

I should always warn you that using recovery tools like this has a chance of bricking your Ouya. Use caution when running programs like these.

I hope that works out for you and thank you for checking out my blog! Good Luck!"

Side note: to avoid downloading and installing CWMrecovery you can boot directly into Recovery Mode by:
1. Have usb keyboard connected to ouya.
2. Turn ouya on.
3. Press and hold alt + print screen button + i, if you do not have print screen button use sysrq button.
4. Now tricky part is to keep pressing i button for 2 seconds so that the screen flickers for about 4-6 times until ouya reboots.
5. When it reboots you will see a red exclamation mark and u. Now hit your home key button.
(I found that step 5 didn't happen. Just rebooted into Recovery Mode with the selections)
From here you can continue with the wiping the Dalvik Cache step.

Additional note: Booting into Recovery Mode, wiping the Dalvik Cache and/or Cache Partition then rebooting without wiping the entire OUYA doesn't work.
Apparently it has to be a full factory reset + wiping the 2 caches.
The person here says that wiping completely gave him no further problems.[/spoiler]

Hi just wanted to post the method I used so anyone who wants to grab the files has a chance to before they're removed or become obscure do to lack of support or the site's are no longer available, etc. Even just for a quick referral.
Note: Windows XP/7 32 bit OS required for these instructions. (Varying methods work with Mac, Linux and 64 bit Windows but I did the below using Windows XP Pro (and later Win7 Ult.) 32bit and can confirm that it worked flawlessly. For me, anyway.)
Standard disclaimer: This is what I did using my equipment. Please don't attempt anything you read here ;)

Original info on this page: ... ?t=2759096

Turn on ouya and go into clockworkmod recovery menu
Select install zip from sideload option and leave the console running in this mode please.
Go to and head down the page a little to the bit that says Downloading. Click the link that says UsbDriverTool-sfx.exe.
Double click and extract UsbDriverTool-sfx.exe to a convenient location. (C:UsbDriverTool for example)
Open UsbDriverTool.exe from the folder "UsbDriverTool"
Leave the page open and move onto step 2.

Step 2.
Open a new tab in the browser and paste this link:
Now connect the ouya to the pc via micro usb cable (data cable from Android phone works great) and follow steps 2 and 3 (from the link or as included below)
**Step 2: Download, unpack and start UsbDriverTool. Select "OUYA" in the device list, right-click, and select "Install Android ADB Driver"
**Step 3: When asked whether you want to update adb_usb.ini, select "yes"
You may have to copy and paste the address(es) of the .dll file as the manager probably won't find it on it's own.
You should now have Ouya ADB device working.

Next, go to ... dt-bundle/ ,a repository that includes an x86 version of "" and download it. (Can take a few minutes at 353mb)
Extract it and copy the "adt-bundle-windows-x86-20140702" folder to C:

Go to and download the latest release. (However, I used because at the time, it was the latest release.)
After downloading, copy "" (or latest build) into "C:adt-bundle-windows-x86-20140702sdkplatform-tools"
Open a command prompt and change directory to C:adt-bundle-windows-x86-20140702sdkplatform-tools (or navigate to C:WindowsSystem32 then right click and copy cmd.exe. Then paste it directly into the folder above and run it directly from there.)
If everything up to this point is correctly set up, simply paste (or type) adb sideload (or newer version's name.)
This should install the zip and after it is done, reboot the console from restart option in clockworkmod recovery and you should boot up fine and will have successfully repaired (unbricked) the OUYA.
Note: All apps will have to be reinstalled.

Edit: updated OS info

MAME & Emulators / Sega CD 'Game Code Modifications' :p
« on: August 12, 2015, 22:23:59 PM »
Hi, don't know if this is cool to post, but after dumping your collection you can edit the resulting files with a hex editor to make the games a tad easier. Here are the ones I did recently and to my knowledge, no one else had ever bothered because of Pro Action Replay or Game Genie built into the emulator(s). I wanted to hack the actual game then reburn it to cd and play on real hardware. Some of these are terrible games, but the challenge was there..
Anyway, all modifications were tested with Kega Fusion 3.64 8)
More hacks
Artmoney tutorial
Emucheat tutorial

Only tested on NTSC versions unless otherwise noted

Soul Star (U) (updated 10/31/16)
[spoiler]NOTE: You have to play using the .cue file, not just the .bin without music or the game will not work properly. It'll crash at the end of stage 1 part 1.

Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 3E3C01004EB864DA2E78637E537863A6
Change: 3E3C01004EB864DA2E78637E53786004

Infinite Shields/Energy (rail stages): 1 instance
NOTE: Take a hit early and the shields (@ upper right) will auto fill after that but it takes about a minute. If playing without the Invulnerability hack, avoid more damage until they're full which will then keep Energy (@ upper left) from dropping below normal, save for a brief instance when hit.
Search: 0C78001462FA6F0852386325597862FA
Change: 0C78001462FA6F0852386325600462FA

Invulnerability: 1 instance
Search: 02780FFE626C4A38632C67045338632C
Change: 02780FFE626C4A38632C67046002632C

Infinite Homing Missiles (rail stages): 1 instance
Search: 003C6004610025FC6100F418537862E8
Change: 003C6004610025FC6100F41853786002

Infinite Bombs (rail/360° stages): 2 instances, change both
Search: 3D7C049400103D7C00850012537862EA
Change: 3D7C049400103D7C0085001253786002

Infinite Homing Missiles (360° stages): 1 instance
Search: 003C6004610020B86100EED4537862E8
Change: 003C6004610020B86100EED453786002

Disable Countdowns on 360° stages: 1 instance
Search: D0410242000FD0427263924031C162FE
Change: D0410242000FD0427263924031C16002

Infinite Rockets on pickup (rail stages): 1 instance
Search: 3D7C000100103D7C00860012537862EC
Change: 3D7C000100103D7C0086001253786002

Infinite Rockets (360° stages): 1 instance
Search: 00103D7C008600126100C9D2537862EC
Change: 00103D7C008600126100C9D253786002

Infinite Energy against death from above in Boss fights on 360° stages: 1 instance
NOTE: This hack and every variation of, work as intended but leave the Energy & Shield graphics messed up. Leaving it here for reference.
Search: E4006A027000B0386326670811C06326
Change: E4006A027000B0386326600211C06326[/spoiler]

Final Fight CD (Upadated 11/07/16)
[spoiler]Stop Timer: 1 instance
Search: 951767147201023C00EF810111C09517
Change: 951767147201023C00EF810160029517

Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 122E00807001023C00EF83001D410080
Change: 122E00807001023C00EF830060020080

No Damage from using Special Move: 1 instance
Search: 4A38954A661C4A2E006867165D6E0018
Change: 4A38954A661C4A2E0068671660020018

Invulnerable (normal): 1 instance
Search: 003E4EBB103A4A2E0061670A532E0061
Change: 003E4EBB103A4A2E0061670A60040061
Infinite Health Hacks:
No Damage from street thug attacks: 1 instance (Full Health=112)
Search: 0000936B00184E756100001E936B0018
Change: 0000936B00184E756100001E60020018

No Damage from Andore's Running Attack: 1 instance
Search: 0012670E10280060103B0028916B0018
Change: 0012670E10280060103B002860020018

No Damage from Andore's Pile Driver: 1 instance
Search: 303C0020206E005C10300000916B0018
Change: 303C0020206E005C1030000060020018

No Damage from Andore's Strangle: 1 instance
Search: 206E005C10300000306E004491680018
Change: 206E005C10300000306E004460020018

No Damage from Molotovs: 1 instance
Search: 00186026177C0008003F046B001F0018
Change: 00186026177C0008003F6004001F0018

No Damage from cop's club strike: 1 instance
Search: 10300000303C000A306E004491680018
Change: 10300000303C000A306E004460020018

No Damage from Edi. E's' Bullets: 1 instance
Search: 0003003F177C00FF0069046B001F0018
Change: 0003003F177C00FF00696004001F0018

No Damage from Floor Flames: 1 instance
Search: 00186018177C0008003F046B001F0018
Change: 00186018177C0008003F6004001F0018

No Damage from Rolento's Throws: 1 instance
Search: 66027020D029006010300000916E0018
Change: 66027020D02900601030000060020018

No Damage from Rolento's Grenades: 1 instance
NOTE: This hack actually restores health when hit with grenades
Search: 0006906B00066A04522B003E06400014
Change: 0006906B00066A04522B003E60040014

No Damage from Chandeliers: 1 instance
Search: C34B4E75177C0003003F046B00260018
Change: C34B4E75177C0003003F600400260018

No Damage from Belger's Arrows: 1 instance
Search: 06400060D0290060103B0012916B0018
Change: 06400060D0290060103B001260020018[/spoiler]

Earthworm Jim Special Edition (U) (Updated 11/03/16)
[spoiler]Infinite Ammo: 18 instances, change all
Search: 52480C100000679210BC003960F25310
Change: 52480C100000679210BC003960F26002

Infinite Lives: 18 instances, change all (51=3, 50=2, 49=1, 48=0)
Search: 660E10390002A2BC530013C00002A2BC
Change: 660E10390002A2BC530060040002A2BC

Infinite Plasma Gun on pickup:  18 instances, change all
Search: F40E4A390002F62E671053390002F62E
Change: F40E4A390002F62E671060040002F62E

Infinite Health 1: 17 instances, change all   
Search: 0C1000006700FF7C10BC003960F05310
Change: 0C1000006700FF7C10BC003960045310

Infinite Health 2 (starts at What The Heck? stage): 18 instances, change all
Search: 53480C100000678C0C10003067F25310
Change: 53480C100000678C0C10003060045310

Almost Invulnerable (side scrolling stages): 18 instances, change all
NOTE: Crows, dogs, etc. can still cause some damage.
Search: F5524A390002F554670653390002F554
Change: F5524A3900FF6002670653390002F554

Invulnerability 3D stages:  1 instance
Search: 4E754A390002F554670653390002F554
Change: 4E754A3900FF6002670653390002F554

Infinite Shields on pickup (3D stages): 1 instance
Search: 00424A390002F7A4673853390002F7A4
Change: 00424A390002F7A4673860040002F7A4

Infinite Speed Boost on pickup (3D stages): 1 instance
Search: 650852390002F7A3600653390002F7A3
Change: 650852390002F7A3600660040002F7A3

Infinite Homing Missile on pickup: 18 instances
Search: 3B41000450F90002F40E53390002F62F
Change: 3B41000450F90002F40E60040002F62F

Infinite Time in Submarine: 1 instance

No Damage to Submarine: 1 instance

Cliffhanger (U) (Updated 11/02/16)
[spoiler]Infinite Continue Time: 1 instance
Search: 662833FC00140007F17453790007F176
Change: 662833FC00140007600253790007F176

Infinite Continues: 1 instance
Search: 0007FFF0323C0001810133C00007FFF0
Change: 0007FFF0323C0001810160040007FFF0

Infinite Lives (side scrolling stages):  17 instances, change all
Search: 001C66046000FD4004390001000B00BC
Change: 001C66046000FD4060060001000B00BC

Infinite Health (side scrolling stages): 17 instances, change all
Search: 6C24BE39000B00B76C1C9F39000B00B7
Change: 6C24BE39000B00B76C1C6004000B00B7

Invulnerability (side scrolling stages): 17 instances, change all
Search: 04DA67140A30008000015339000B04DA
Change: 04DA67140A30008000016006000B04DA (Normal)
Change: 04DA67140A30008000016004000B04DA (Flickering)

Infinite Machine Gun Bullets: 17 instances, change all
Search: 009A4A39000B163D664A5339000B0559
Change: 009A4A39000B163D664A6004000B0559

Infinite Lives (Avalanche): 6 instances, change all
Search: 33FC00010007FFE6601853790007FFEE
Change: 33FC00010007FFE6601853796004FFEE

Skip Snowboarding Stage 1 if you die on it: 1 instance
Search: 662C4EB90006030A4A79000610CA670A
Change: 662C4EB90006030A4A79000610CA6004

Infinite Health Avalanche 1: 1 instance
Search: 0018237CFFFFD8F000685B79000610D0
Change: 0018237CFFFFD8F000686006000610D0

Infinite Health Avalanche 2:  1 instance
Search: 0018237CFFFFD8F000685B7900062D20
Change: 0018237CFFFFD8F00068600600062D20

Invulnerability Avalanche 1/2: 12 instances, change all
Search: 6F04532900104A2900116F0453290011
Change: 6F04532900104A2900116F0460020011[/spoiler]

Sonic CD (Updated 10/28/16)
[spoiler]999 Rings After Taking A Hit (must have at least 1) (Edited to hopefully reflect proper ASM hacking)
Search: 4442444451CDFF4433FC000000FF1512
Change: 4442444451CDFF4433FC03E700FF1512
73 instances, change all

Infinite Lives (Edited to hopefully reflect proper ASM hacking)
Search: 00FF1510523900FF150E533900FF1508
Change: 00FF1510523900FF150E600400FF1508
73 instances, change all

Stop Time Increase (side scrolling stages): 73 instances, change all (Edited to hopefully reflect proper ASM hacking)
Search: 00093B3B670000E04A38F7CC66245221
Change: 00093B3B670000E06002F7CC66245221

Stop Countdown On Bonus Stages: 1 instance
Search: E319663C4A390003E318663453B88026
Change: E319663C4A390003E318600453B88026

Never Lose Rings In Bonus Stage: 1 instance
Search: 6100CEA6303880243200E24831C08024
Change: 6100CEA6303880243200600231C08024

Infinite Air: 11 instances, replace all (Edited to hopefully reflect proper ASM hacking)
Search: 0033003208E800070036537900FF150A
Change: 0033003208E800070036600400FF150A

Infinite Bubble Shield for the rest of the stage or death (once picked up): 52 instances, change all
Search: 000C000C4228002A08B9000000FF151E
Change: 000C000C4228002A6004000000FF151E

Infinite Invincibility (Stardust) for the rest of the stage or death (once picked up): 73 instances, change all
Search: 00FF151F673C4A680032673653680032
Change: 00FF151F673C4A680032600453680032

Infinite Speed Shoes for the rest of the stage or death (once picked up): 70 instances, change all
Search: 00FF1520674E4A680034674853680034
Change: 00FF1520674E4A680034674860020034

High Jump: 88 instances, change all
Search: 00680038
Change: 0068001E
NOTE: 38=56 & 1E=30. Lower # = higher jump. 01 sends Sonic high off the board, never to return lol

This one is superseded by the 999 rings one but leaving here in case the other is overkill lol (don't use together)
Never Lose Rings When Hit (must have at least 1) (Edited to hopefully reflect proper ASM hacking)
Search: 4442444451CDFF4433FC000000FF1512
Change: 4442444451CDFF446004000000FF1512
(or 6006 as shown here)
73 instances, change all

Invulnerability (can't pick up rings): 73 instances, change all
NOTE: Did this for the heck of it but useless since you can't collect rings.

1 ring = 7: 73 instances, change all
Search: 527900FF1512
Replace with: 5E7900FF1512

1st ring = 999: (each additional ring subtracts 1 tho) 73 instances, change all
Search: 527900FF1512
Replace with: 5F7900FF1512

Invincibility: (keeper7's code, not mine)

BC Racers (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Health hacks: 13 instances total

Infinite Health 1: 2 instances, change both
Search: 0000C312D06C006EEA4091790000C320
Change: 0000C312D06C006EEA4060040000C320

Infinite Health 2: 3 instances, change all
Search: C2F430390000C312E84091790000C320
Change: C2F430390000C312E84060040000C320

Infinite Health 3: 1 instance
Search: 342C00365842C5FC009695790000C320
Change: 342C00365842C5FC009660040000C320

Infinite Health 4: 3 instances, change all
Search: C2F430390000C312E44091790000C320
Change: C2F430390000C312E44060040000C320

Infinite Health 5: 1 instance
Search: C32632390000C320067908000000C320
Change: C32632390000C320600208000000C320

Infinite Health 6: 1 instance
Search: C322B0790000C3206E0633C00000C320
Change: C322B0790000C320600233C00000C320

Infinite Health 7: 1 instance
Search: 33FC00020000C31C04790C000000C320
Change: 33FC00020000C31C60020C000000C320

Infinite Health 8: 1 instance
Search: 33FC00050000C2F4047902000000C320
Change: 33FC00050000C2F4600202000000C320

Other hacks:

Infinite Continues: 1 instance
Search: 46CA3E3C00104EB9000246CA53787518
Change: 46CA3E3C00104EB9000246CA53786004

Make "4 Laps" unchangeable in Options screen: 1 instance
Search: 663233FC000100008C46527900008C24
Change: 663233FC000100008C46600400008C24

Enter these codes for Hard and Rockhard.
    Hard - PLBTKG
    Rockhard - WZJQXF[/spoiler]

Amazing Spider-Man Vs The Kingpin (U)
Infinite Web: 1 instance
Search: D74A916DD752
Change: D74A916D6004

Infinite Health: 1 instance
Search: 000F912DD829
Change: 000F912D6004

Invulnerable (Normal-no hit to activate): 1 instance
Search: D836584F6F08
Change: D836584F6004

Stop Clock (main game): 1 instance
Search: D720536DD720
Change: D720536D6004
Invulnerable alt1 (Normal-no hit to activate): 1 instance
Search: 4A6DD836584F
Change: 4A6D6004584F

Invulnerable alt2 (Normal-takes 1 hit to activate): 1 instance
Search: 4A6DD836584F
Change: 6004D836584F

Invulnerable alt 3 (Normal-takes 1 hit to activate): 1 instance
Search: 4A6DD836584F
Change: 4A6DD8366004

Invulnerable alt4 (Blinking-takes 1 hit to activate): 1 instance
Search: D836536DD836
Change: D836536D6004[/spoiler]

5 in 1 Sega Arcade Classics (U)
Golden Axe

Infinite Energy: 30 instances
Search: 00019F2A0002
Change: 000160020002
Change all

Infinite Lives: 32 instances
Search: 532A00006644
Change: 600200006644
Change all

Infinite Continues: 30 instances
Search: 5338FC3408F80001
Change: 5338600208F80001
Change all

Infinite Continue Time: 30 instances
Search: 5338C1066700
Change: 533860026700
Change all

Streets of Rage

Infinite Time, Lives & +1 life when killed: 1 instance (Time 40=64)
Search: 700E44FC0004CD0D
Change: 000044FC0004CD0D

Infinite Special Weapon: 1 instance
Search: 4A1167765311
Change: 4A1160025311

Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 67087E0C4EB9
Change: 67087E0C6004

Infinite Health: 1 instance
Search: 7C50DF680032
Change: 7C5060040032

Revenge Of Shinobi

Infinite Throwing Knives: 12 instances
Search: 671AD178D13E
Change: 671AD1786002
Change all

Infinite Lives: 12 instances
Search: 4E75D178D140
Change: 4E75D1786002
Change all

Infinite Health: 11 instances
Search: 7000D178D13A
Change: 7000D1786002
Change all[/spoiler]

Hook (U) (Updated 10/31/16)
[spoiler]Stop Timer: 1 instance
Search: 003C66EA51F90005E24C53790005E24A
Change: 003C66EA51F90005E24C60020005E24A

Infinite Health: 1 instance (won't die from falling but can get stuck)
Search: E237610002946000004253390005D72B
Change: E237610002946000004260020005D72B

Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: B0390005D86E67024E7553390005E236
Change: B0390005D86E67024E7560020005E236

Infinite Fly on pickup: 1 instance
Search: 33FC00C00005D22C4E7553790005E240
Change: 33FC00C00005D22C4E7560020005E240

Invulnerability: 1 instance
NOTE: Useless. Gets stuck in 'hit' sequence and flies sloooowly across screen lol
Search: 13FC00010005D36B4E7552390005CDD5
Change: 13FC00010005D36B4E7560020005CDD5[/spoiler]

Ninja Warriors (J) (Updated 11/02/16)
[spoiler]Stop Timer: 1 instance
Search: 00020C68003C00026606426800025350
Change: 00020C68003C00026606600400025350

Infinite Health Player 1/2: 1 instance
Search: 48A78000052E00016702D643976E0028
Change: 48A78000052E00016702D64360020028

Invulnerable Player 1/2: 2 instances, change both
Search: 0C2E0032000F66041CBC0002522E000F
Change: 0C2E0032000F660460060002522E000F Normal
Change: 0C2E0032000F660460020002522E000F Blinking
Search: 0001661A0C2E0032000F66041CBC0002
Change: 0001661A0C2E0032000F60041CBC0002 Blinking

Infinite Throwing Stars Player 1/2: 1 instance
Search: 4A526708508A51CFFFF84E75536E002A
Change: 4A526708508A51CFFFF84E756002002A[/spoiler]

Wolfchild (U) (Updated 11/02/16)
[spoiler]Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 00FF02BC302B04C853406B14374004C8
Change: 00FF02BC302B04C860026B14374004C8

Infinite Health: 1 instance
Search: 377C000004D66100C932600E374004DA
Change: 377C000004D66100C932600E600204DA

Infinite Wolf Health: 1 instance
Search: 6100005E60440C4100096D30374004DA
Change: 6100005E60440C4100096004374004DA

Infinite Bombs: 1 instance
Search: 032566200C6B000004D26F18536B04D2
Change: 032566200C6B000004D26004536B04D2

Infinite Special Weapon on pickup: 1 instance
Search: 671C3E2B04D653474A476B32374704D6
Change: 671C3E2B04D653474A476004374704D6[/spoiler]

Android Assault - The Revenge of Bari-Arm (U)
Invulnerability: 14 instances
Search: 0100536E000E
Change: 01006002000E
Change all

Infinite Lives: 14 instances
Search: E6205378E61E
Change: E6206002E61E
Change all[/spoiler]

Robo Aleste (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 30390001FF146708534033C00001FF14
Change: 30390001FF146708534060040001FF14

Invulnerability: 1 instance
NOTE: Has to be triggered again at each boss. Perfect if used with Mezmorize's two codes below, otherwise you won't be able to upgrade your ARM Level.

Codes by Mezmorize:
Don't Lose Powerup Upon Death
FF566636 - Search For
FF566036 - Replace With

Pickup One Powerup For Arm Level 3
67025241 - Search For
67025641 - Replace With[/spoiler]

Adventures Of Batman & Robin (U)
Infinite Continue Time: 1 instance
Search: 53790007EBA4
Change: 537900076004

Infinite Continues: 1 instance
Search: 0007FFF0323C
Change: 6004FFF0323C
NOTE freezes @ 1,140 Continues if used

Take More Damage: 24 instances
NOTE not invincible. Slightly extends the amount of damage taken while keeping the display @ 0%
Search: 0640006333C0
Change: 6004006333C0
Change all

Invulnerable Normal: 24 instances
NOTE takes a hit to activate
Search: 6F045329000D
Change: 6F0453296004
Change all

Invulnerable Blinking: 24 instances
NOTE everything blinks, all cars/obstructions/objects, etc.
Search: 4A29000D6F04
Change: 6004000D6F04
Change all

Infinite Turbo: 10 instances
Search: E540D0C05350
Change: E540D0C06004
Change all 10
1: To the Bank

Infinite Time: 1 instance
Search: 123E30390006
Change: 600430390006

Take longer to become a Menace: 2 instances (stage 1)
NOTE normal paced driving only-not collisions while using turbo or blasting away w/ mini missiles lol
Search: 00BE024000FF660000CA303C
Change: 6004024000FF660000CA303C
Change both

Skip to stage 2 if die/fail/arrested: 1 instance (stage 1)
Search: 4EB90005FF904A790006122C670C6B0A
Change: 4EB90005FF904A790006122C670C6004

Infinite Big Missiles on pickup: 8 instances
NOTE non Rapid Fire version
Search: 4A790007FFD06700006E53790007FFD0
Change: 4A790007FFD06004006E53790007FFD0
Change all

Infinite Big Missiles on pickup: 1 instance
NOTE Rapid Fire version
Search: 180C4A790007FFD06700
Change: 60044A790007FFD06004
Change all

No Traffic: 10 instances
NOTE but no bosses either
Search: 43E9FF264E750C4000806F500C400C80
Change: 6004FF264E750C4000806F500C400C80
Change all

Invisible Cars: 10 instances
Search: 43E9FF264E750C4000806F500C400C80
Change: 43E9FF264E750C4060046F500C400C80
Change all
2: Stop Poison Ivy

Infinite/Rapid Fire Missiles: 1 instance
Search: 6C044A790007FFD06700
Change: 60044A790007FFD06004
3: The Toy Store

Infinite Time: 1 instance
Search: E54E66F64A790005E55C66EE53790005
Change: 600466F64A790005E55C66EE53790005

Infinite/Rapid Fire Missiles: 1 instance
Search: 33FC00120005EB3A4A790007FFD06700
Change: 600400120005EB3A4A790007FFD06004
4: Virtual Arcade

Infinite Time: 1 instance
Search: 1078303900041078EC4033C0000140E4
Change: 6004303900041078EC4033C0000140E4

Infinite/Rapid Fire Missiles: 1 instance
Search: 16944A790007FFD067000076303C00246100
Change: 60044A790007FFD067000076303C00246004
5: Bumper Safari

Infinite Time: 1 instance
Search: 54C866F64A79000654D666EE53790006
Change: 600466F64A79000654D666EE53790006

Infinite/Rapid Fire Missiles: 1 instance
Search: 33FC001200065AB24A790007FFD06700
Change: 6004001200065AB24A790007FFD06004
6: Clayface

Infinite Time: 1 instance
Search: 6CFE66F64A7900056D0C66EE53790005
Change: 600466F64A7900056D0C66EE53790005

Infinite/Rapid Fire Missiles: 1 instance
Search: 33FC0012000572CE4A790007FFD06700
Change: 60040012000572CE4A790007FFD06004[/spoiler]

The Terminator (U)
Infinite Health: 20 instances
Search: 67045378FE1C
Change: 670453786004
Replace all

Infinite Lives: 10 instances
Search: 7E0F5338FE41
Change: 7E0F53386004
Change all

Infinite Grenades: 10 instances
Search: 67045338FE40
Change: 670453386004
Change all

Infinite Shield on pickup (current stage only): 10 instances
Search: 700831C0FB8E
Change: 700831C06004
Change all

Infinite Heavy Machine Gun on pickup (current stage only): 10 instances
Search: EE6035801000
Change: EE6035806004
Change all[/spoiler]

Silpheed (U)
Invulnerability (blinking): 2 instances
Search: 537900FFD296
Change: 537900FF6004
Change both

Infinite Optional/Special Weapon: 4 instances (Full=13)
Search: 917900FFECFA
Change: 917900FF6004
Change all


Infinite Shields 1: 1 instance (Full Shields @ start=9) (3+the six "bars" showing)
Search: D29653690012
Change: D29653696004

Infinite Shields 2: 2 instances
Search: D17900FFECFA
Change: D17900FF6004
Change both

Infinite Shields 3: 1/4 instances
Search: 00029B690012
Change: 00029B696004
Change 1st 3 only

Infinite Shields 3: 2/4 instances
Search: 00029B690012
Change: 00029B696004

Infinite Shields 3: 3/4 instances
Search: 00029B690012
Change: 00029B696004

XX inf shields 3: 4/4 instances (can't destroy enemies/objects, don't use)

Infinite shield 4: 1 instance
Search: 33C200FFD298
Change: 33C200FF6004

Another shield 5: 1 instance
Search: D29653680012
Change: D29653686004

Another shield 6: 1 instance
Search: 33C100FFD35A
Change: 33C100FF6004

Inf anti matter bomb (alt): 2 instances
Search: 60F8D04210C3
Change: 60F8D0426004
Change both
Invulnerability from Collision (blinking): 2 instances
Search: 537900FFD296
Change: 537900FF6004
Change 2nd

Invulnerability from Enemy Fire (blinking): 1 instance
Search: 537900FFD296 2 instances
Change: 537900FF6004
Change 1st[/spoiler]

The Smurfs (E)
Infinite Lives/Time: 2 instances
Search: 720013840000
Change: 600413840000
Change 1st only

Infinite Time ('jump' to end stages for above hack): 5 instances
Search: 4A790008ACDC
Change: 4A7900086004
Change 1st only

Infinite Health: 3 instances
Search: 53390008ACE0
Change: 60040008ACE0
Change 3rd only

Invulnerability: 1 instance
Search: 537900084C10
Change: 600400084C10[/spoiler]

Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure
Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 5339000098B1
Change: 533900006004

Infinite Health: Change 1st of 2 instances
Search: 13C000009536
Change: 13C000006004

Invulnerability: 1 instance
Search: 98B8670000165379000098B8
Change: 6004670000165379000098B8

Infinite Sacks: 1 instance
Search: 5339000098B2
Change: 533900006004

Infinite Fire Bombs: 1 instance
Search: 5339000098B4
Change: 533900006004

Infinite Boomerangs: 1 instance
Search: 5339000098B3
Change: 533900006004[/spoiler]

Keio Flying Squadron (U)
Infinite Lives: 11 instances
Search: 00385378F856
Change: 003853786002
Change all

Invulnerable: 11 instances
Search: 00145378F854
Change: 001453786002
Change all[/spoiler]

(Full Shields = 32 bars)

Infinite Lives: 25 instances
Search: 13D6536E13DA
Change: 13D6536E6004
Change all

Infinite Shields 1: 25 instances
Search: 4880916A0092
Change: 4880916A6004
Change all

Infinite Shields 2: 13 instances
Search: 4840334000924E751334
Change: 4840334060044E751334
Change all

Infinite Shields 3: 24 instances
Search: 4840334000924E753029008448403029
Change: 4840334060044E753029008448403029
Change all

Infinite Shields 4: 25 instances
Search: 488091690092
Change: 488091696004
Change all

Infinite Shields 5: 1 instance
Search: 00029F6A0092
Change: 00029F6A6004

Infinite Bombs: 25 instances
Search: 4E75536E13DC
Change: 4E75536E6004
Change all[/spoiler]

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (U)
Infinite Lives: 7 instances
Search: 0010536E01CE
Change: 0010536E6004

Full health=60
No Damage from eels/acid: 10 instances
Search: 046E000A01CA
Change: 046E000A6004

No Damage from Mutant (orig): 1 instance
Search: FF0000260801
Change: FF0000266004

No Damage from Mutant (alt): 15 instances
Search: 3D6E0194018E
Change: 3D6E01946004
Change all

No Damage from Victor Frankenstein: 15 instances
Search: 3D6E0192018E
Change: 3D6E01926004
Change all

No Damage from Spiders: 3 instances
Search: 0006536E01CA
Change: 0006536E6004
Change all[/spoiler]

Bram Stoker's Dracula
Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 10C2536E10C4
Change: 10C2536E6002

Infinite Continues: 1 instance
Search: 4E75536E0034
Change: 4E75536E6002

Infinite Health 1: 1 instance
Search: 00F8536E0F76
Change: 00F8536E6002

Infinite Health 2: 1 instance
Search: 0040916E10C2
Change: 0040916E6002[/spoiler]

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - The Second Cataclysm (U) (Updated 11/02/16)
[spoiler]Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 42386A26602E4A386A0E6604536C0054
Change: 42386A26602E4A386A0E660460020054

Infinite Time: 1 instance
Search: 4A2C004C6C52062C0018004C532C004B
Change: 4A2C004C6C52062C0018004C6002004B

Almost Damage Free 1: 1 instance
NOTE: This protects from hitting inanimate objects but swiping against dinosaur legs will still cause slight amounts of damage.
Search: 00444A80660A103872B54880D1680052
Change: 00444A80660A103872B56004D1680052

Almost Damage Free 2: 1 instance
NOTE: This protects from hitting inanimate objects but swiping against dinosaur legs will still cause slight amounts of damage.
Search: 6A5642680052601820786A56DD680052
Change: 6A5642680052601820786004DD680052[/spoiler]

Sol-Feace (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Lives:
Search: 0001FFFF60756600000C5379FFFF6068
Change: 0001FFFF60756600000C6004FFFF6068
All 7 instances[/spoiler]

Lords of Thunder (Updated 11/16/16)
[spoiler]Never Lose Crystals (money): 2 instances, change both
Search: F3A043F900FFF81045F900FFF3A4830A
Change: F3A043F900FFF81045F900FFF3A46004

Top Health Bar Never Decreases: 16 instances, change all
Search: 000700FFF81867000022553900FFF829
Change: 000700FFF81867000022553900FF6004

Bottom Health Bar Never Decreases: 8 instances, change all
Search: 6B0000263C2E00266700001E9D690024
Change: 6B0000263C2E00266700001E60020024

Infinite Special Weapon: 8 instances, change all
Search: 0004FE21660000044E75537900FFF832
Change: 0004FE21660000044E75600A00FFF832

Invulnerability (after 1st hit on regular and boss stages): 8 instances, change all
Search: DAF64E754A6E002267000028536E0022
Change: DAF64E754A6E00226700002860020022

Edit, found more:
Infinite Continues & Continue Time: 1 instance @ 0x0051C4E6
NOTE: Candles will still burn out but timer stops after last one
Search: 67000008533900FFF82E4E75536E0038
Change: 67000008600400FFF82E4E7560020038

Infinite Continues (as a standalone): 1 instance @ 0x0051C4E0
NOTE: Don't use with Infinite Continue Time hack

Infinite Continue Time (as a standalone): 1 instance @ 0x0051C4E6
NOTE: Don't use with Infinite Continues hack
NOTE: Candles will still burn out but timer stops after last one

Annet Futatabi (J)
[spoiler]Infinite Health: 9 instances, change all
Search: FD127600363900FF40A8977900FF40AC
Change: FD127600600400FF40A8977900FF40AC

Infinite Special Attack (refills almost instantly-still none at bosses): 9 instances, change all
Search: 00044E75427900FF4114527900FF40AE
Change: 00044E75427900FF4114600200FF40AE[/spoiler]

Batman Returns
[spoiler]NOTE: Game may hang for a few seconds at SegaCD BIOS screen after modding the ROM
Stop Timer (Driving/Batskiboat): 5 instances, change all
Search: 663441F90007808C4A50672A53680002
Change: 663441F90007808C4A50672A60020002

Infinite Missiles (Driving): 3 instances, change all
Search: 003C237C00012A76006853790007808A
Change: 003C237C00012A76006860040007808A

Infinite Health (Driving): 5 instances, change all
NOTE: makes enemies invincible too, so this hack is useless
Search: D0810C800000FFFF650270FF33400082
Change: D0810C800000FFFF650270FF60040082

Infinite Lives (Driving/Batskiboat): 5 instances, change all
Search: 43F90007808632FC000144FC00008109
Change: 43F90007808632FC0001600600008109

Infinite Missiles (Batskiboat): 1 instance
Search: 003C237C00012F12006853790007808A
Change: 003C237C00012F12006860040007808A

Infinite Items (side scrolling stages): 30 instances, change all
Search: 000BFE3770001039000BFE3653320000
Change: 000BFE3770001039000BFE3660020000

Infinite Health (side scrolling stages): 6 instances, change all
Search: 00440C390006000BFE52670000380C39
Change: 00440C3900066002FE52670000380C39

Invulnerable (after 1st hit-side scrolling stages): 6 instances, change all
Search: 4A39000BFE4F6700000E5339000BFE4F
Change: 4A39000BFE4F6700000E6004000BFE4F

Infinite Lives (side scrolling stages): 6 instances, change all
Search: 0007000BFE52670000265339000BFE35
Change: 0007000BFE52670000266006000BFE35[/spoiler]

Devastator (J)
[spoiler]Infinite Health: 7 instances, change all
NOTE: It's still instant death if you're eaten by the Giant plants of stuck behind an object on the side scrolling flying stages
Search: 00103228002892406F00002431410028
Change: 00103228002892406F00002460020028

Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 76104EB90020AAA8600000645378A004
Change: 76104EB90020AAA8600000646006A004

Invulnerability: 7 instances, change all
NOTE: Makes the player invisible lol
Search: 00FFA1004A68003A670000065368003A
Change: 00FFA1004A68003A670000066002003A[/spoiler]

Sengoku Densyo (J)
[spoiler]Infinite Health: 1 instance
Search: 670808F900060000B6909D790000B646
Change: 670808F900060000B69060040000B646

Infinite Lives: 2 instances, change both
Search: 4A390000B64A67003F1053390000B64A
Change: 4A390000B64A67003F1060020000B64A

Invulnerable (after 1st hit @ each battle): 10 instances, change all
Search: 00000000B69C671A13FC00300000B6A0
Change: 00000000B69C671A600400300000B6A0

Infinite Primary Special Weapon: 2 instances, change both
Search: 671E4A790000B6C8674A53790000B6C8
Change: 671E4A790000B6C8674A60040000B6C8

Infinite Divine Special Weapon: 2 instances, change all
NOTE: This is the weapon forced on you after fighting in the clouds. It usually lasts about 30 seconds and isn't as powerful as some other Primary weapons (like the awesome yellow ball) and with this hack it stays with you until the end of the stage. Not real valuable but it was difficult to find and I wanted to see if I could :P
Search: 14D44A790000B6CC670853790000B6CC
Change: 14D44A790000B6CC670860040000B6CC

Infinite Change Timer: 2 instances, change both
Search: 4E754A390000B64F670853390000B64F
Change: 4E754A390000B64F670860040000B64F[/spoiler]

Earnest Evans (J)
[spoiler]Infinite Continues: 1 instance
Search: 4EB900209C6C4CDF3FFF4E755378BF10
Change: 4EB900209C6C4CDF3FFF4E756002BF10

Infinite Life Bars/Health: 1 instance
Search: A4B06400004806780040A4B05378A4AE
Change: A4B06400004806780040A4B053786004

Infinite Weapon: 1 instance
Search: 00FF6700000C53006700000817400020
Change: 00FF6700000C53006700000860020020

Invulnerability: 1 instance
NOTE: Useless. Makes the player invisible.
Search: A5E63038B62867000010534031C0B628
Change: A5E63038B62867000010600431C0B628[/spoiler]

Heavy Nova (J)
[spoiler]Infinite Health: 3 instances, change all
Search: 00008C3A3011425141F900008C269150
Change: 00008C3A3011425141F9000060049150

Invulnerability (non boss stages): 1 instance
Search: 4E754A79000306306708537900030630
Change: 4E754A79000306306708600400030630

Stop Boss Timer: 1 instance
Search: 670E08B9000000008F68537900008F6C
Change: 670E08B9000000008F68600400008F6C

Infinite Stamina (Boss Fights): 3 instances, change all
Search: 8C26EA4866027001D07900008C36D150
Change: 8C26EA4866027001D07900006004D150[/spoiler]

Cyborg 009 (J)
[spoiler]Infinite Lives: 10 instances, change all
Search: 4E7533FC000100FF4110537900FF4108
Change: 4E7533FC000100FF4110600400FF4108

Invulnerability Stage 1: 1 instance
Search: 000000200E0466024E75537900200E04
Change: 000000200E0466024E75600400200E04

Invulnerability Stage 1 Boss: 1 instance
Search: 00000020035666024E75537900200356
Change: 00000020035666024E75600400200356

Invulnerability Stage 2: 1 instance
Search: 00202ECE660000044E75537900202ECE
Change: 00202ECE660000044E75600400202ECE

Invulnerability Stage 2 Boss: 1 instance
Search: 00000020046866024E75537900200468
Change: 00000020046866024E75600400200468

Invulnerability Stage 3: 1 instance
Search: 0000002009EE66024E755379002009EE
Change: 0000002009EE66024E756004002009EE

Invulnerability Stage 4: 1 instance
Search: 0000002003EE66024E755379002003EE
Change: 0000002003EE66024E756004002003EE

Invulnerability Stage 5: 1 instance
Search: 00000020102066024E75537900201020
Change: 00000020102066024E75600400201020

Invulnerability Stage 6: 1 instance
Search: 00202688660000044E75537900202688
Change: 00202688660000044E75600400202688

Invulnerability (stage 6 Boss): 1 instance
Search: 00000020058E66024E7553790020058E
Change: 00000020058E66024E7560040020058E

Invulnerability Stage 7: 1 instance
Search: 00000020074C66024E7553790020074C
Change: 00000020074C66024E7560040020074C

Invulnerability Stage 8: 1 instance
Search: 0000002004E466024E755379002004E4
Change: 0000002004E466024E756004002004E4

Invulnerability (stage 8 Boss): 1 instance
Search: 00000020052466024E75537900200524
Change: 00000020052466024E75600400200524[/spoiler]

A/X-101 (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Shields: 2 instances, change 2nd instance only
Search: 000701204EB90000A81433C100070120
Change: 000701204EB90000A814600400070120

Infinite Bombs: 1 instance
Search: 01226F184EBA00186612537900070122
Change: 01226F184EBA00186612600400070122

Infinite GPOW: 1 instance (Full = 20)
Search: 4EBA001866124EBA01663B7CFFFF0048
Change: 4EBA001866124EBA01666004FFFF0048[/spoiler]

Ultraverse Prime (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 000185680000E6540439000100080074
Change: 000185680000E6546004000100080074

Invulnerability (after 1st death): 1 instance
Search: 11063E3C000830106700001A04500001
Change: 11063E3C000830106700001A60060001

Infinite Health: 1 instance (Full=40)
Search: 670000966A00001A0479000100081276
Change: 670000966A00001A0479000100086004

Infinite Special Weapon (on pickup): 1 instance
Search: FFA041F90008144E0479000100080086
Change: FFA041F90008144E6006000100080086[/spoiler]

The (Mis)Adventures of Flink (U)
[spoiler]Cheat Menu:
Press down and start at the same time
Let go of down and while still holding start press:
right x3, left x3, right x2, left x2, right, left

Create Spell Combinations:
Quick Grow Spell: Leaf, Feather, Silver Ring
Lightning Spell: Diamond Ring, Feather, Diamond Ring
Demon Spell: Gold Ring, Mirror, Necklace
Shrink Spell: Mirror, Necklace, Amulet
Shield Spell: Diamond Ring, Tear, Gold Ring
Spirit Bomb Spell: Feather, Gold Ring, Leaf
Dust Devil Spell: Leaf, Silver Ring, Feather
Ghost Spell: Skull, Tooth, Root
Platform Spell: Feather, Eye, Feather

Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 82E84AB900044260670000445378638A
Change: 82E84AB900044260670000446004638A

Invulnerability (trigger on each stage): 1 instance
NOTE: Can cause invisibility. If playing in Fusion press Start, save your state and load the state to be visible again.
Search: 4479000082E0600000365279000082E0
Change: 4479000082E0600000366004000082E0

Infinite Magic on pickup (until death): 1 instance
NOTE: Can get hit and recollect magic to increase it indefinitely
Search: 70174EB9000359A2201F4279000082E6
Change: 70174EB9000359A2201F6004000082E6

Don't Lose Magic/Items @ Death: 1 instance
Search: 0020000082E6670000084279000082E6
Change: 0020000082E6670000086004000082E6

Infinite Items (create spell sequence-must have at least 1): 1 instance
NOTE: Can build up # of items by setting 3 to make a spell & clearing them. # will go up by 3 each time.
Search: 639CD0F9000081764A106700FEB85310
Change: 639CD0F9000081764A106004FEB85310

Infinite Continues: 1 instance
Search: 0C790002000081586700000653786388
Change: 0C790002000081586700000660026388

Infinite Continue Time: 1 instance
Search: 6A00001250ED00484EB9000339CC4EF9
Change: 6006001250ED00484EB9000339CC4EF9

Infinite Spells (creation screen): 1 instance
Search: 4EB9000359A2201F600000CC5378638C
Change: 4EB9000359A2201F600000CC6002638C

Infinite Quick Grow Spell Magic: 1 instance
Search: 00400000830E600000305979000082E6
Change: 00400000830E600000306004000082E6

Infinite Lightning Spell Magic: 1 instance
Search: 6E00000C33FC00400000830E4E750479
Change: 6E00000C33FC00400000830E4E756002
or the actual address changing 10 to 0:

Infinite Demon Spell Magic 1: 1 instance
NOTE: This is the 1st cast to create the weak demon
Search: 0000830E600013E404790008000082E6
Change: 0000830E600013E460040008000082E6

Infinite Demon Spell Magic 2: 1 instance
NOTE: This is the 2nd cast to create the strong
Search: 00400000830E600000305D79000082E6
Change: 00400000830E600000306004000082E6

Infinite Spirit Bomb Spell Magic: 1 instance
Search: 702B4EB9000359A2201F5979000082E6
Change: 702B4EB9000359A2201F6004000082E6

Infinite Shrink Spell Magic: 1 instance
Search: 00400000830E60000D9E5179000082E6
Change: 00400000830E60000D9E6004000082E6

Infinite Shield Spell Magic: 1 instance
Search: 4A6D005E660000100479000A000082E6
Change: 4A6D005E660000106004000A000082E6

Infinite Dust Devil Spell Magic: 2 instances, change 1st only
Search: 33FC00400000830E4E755179000082E6
Change: 33FC00400000830E4E756004000082E6
Original + next line to distinguish between the two:

Infinite Ghost Spell Magic: 1 instance
Search: 00400000830E60000AB05179000082E6
Change: 00400000830E60000AB06004000082E6

Infinite Platform Spell Magic: 1 instance
Search: 00400000830E600019025179000082E6
Change: 00400000830E600019026004000082E6[/spoiler]

Star Blade (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Shield: 1 instance (Full=223)
Search: 0008600C5940B0416C02300137400008
Change: 0008600C5940B0416C02300160020008

Infinite Continues: 1 instance
Search: 31FC02DFE84021F8DD0CE8445378F1D2
Change: 31FC02DFE84021F8DD0CE8446002F1D2[/spoiler]

Wild Woody (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Lives: 1 instance
Search: 3039000182E24E7504790001000182E2
Change: 3039000182E24E7560020001000182E2
Search: 3039000182E24E7504790001000182E2
Change: 3039000182E24E7504790000000182E2

Infinite Health: 1 instance
Search: C000323900013EF6C0C1917900013432
Change: C000323900013EF6C0C1600400013432

Invulnerability: 1 instance
Search: 13FC00010001119A0479000100013398
Change: 13FC00010001119A6002000100013398

Infinite Sketches (on pickup/per stage): 1 instance
Search: FFE845EC04363200E34945F210005352
Change: FFE845EC04363200E349600410005352[/spoiler]

Wonder Dog
[spoiler]Infinite Lives: 1 instance @ 0x00042C9A
Search: 800E66EE301F4A6D0BA46710536D0BA4
Change: 800E66EE301F4A6D0BA4671060040BA4

0=full, 1 hit=1, 2 hits=2, 3 hits=death
Infinite Health: 1 instance @ 0x0003F376
Search: 0001244E6100E80A426D2490526D2412
Change: 0001244E6100E80A426D249060022412

No Decreased Health From Fall Death: 1 instance @ 0x0003D91E
Search: 007863000010426D24563B7C00022412
Change: 007863000010426D24563B7C00002412

Invulnerability: 1 instance @ 0x0003D92C
Search: 2412610016F04A6D24566706536D2456
Change: 2412610016F04A6D2456670660042456

Stop Timer (bonus stages): 1 instance @ 0x0003C080
Search: 604043ED0B98027CFFEF027CFFFE8308
Change: 604043ED0B98027CFFEF027CFFFE6006

Stars Never Lose Momentum: 1 instance @ 0x0003E75E
Search: 3941000641FAF19E302C00045340E740
Change: 3941000641FAF19E302C00046004E740[/spoiler]

Chuck Rock (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Lives: 1 instance @ 0x000E4A8E
Search: 35C666EC4EB90001ED7E537900023646
Change: 35C666EC4EB90001ED7E600400023646

Infinite Continue Time:  1 instance @ 0x000E4BC0
NOTE: Don't use with Auto Continue hack.
Search: 103900FF800E66F8301F51CFFFCE301F
Change: 103900FF800E66F8301F6000FFCE301F

Auto Continue: 1 instance @ 0x000E4BC0
NOTE: Don't use with Infinite Continue Time hack. Game will automatically continue when screen appears
Search: 103900FF800E66F8301F51CFFFCE301F
Change: 103900FF800E66F8301F51CFFFCE6006

Infinite Health: 1 instance @ 0x000CE464
Search: 35B033FC0000000235B453790002364A
Change: 35B033FC0000000235B460040002364A

Invulnerability: 1 instance @ 0x000CC2DC
Search: 35B24A79000235CC67065379000235CC
Change: 35B24A79000235CC67066004000235CC[/spoiler]

Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Lives:  1 instance @ 0x0002B692
Search: FE320C6D013B0BB66D346E04536D09E0
Change: FE320C6D013B0BB66D346E04600209E0

Infinite Continue Time: 1 instance @ 0x0002B7F2
Search: 660000324EB90001907A51CDFFE63E1F
Change: 660000324EB90001907A6000FFE63E1F

Infinite Continues: 1 instance @ 0x0002B824
Search: F892303C00064EB90000ABFA536D0016
Change: F892303C00064EB90000ABFA60040016

Infinite Health: 1 instance @ 0x00026BEA
Search: 397C0001003C602A426D0AD4536D09D0
Change: 397C0001003C602A426D0AD4600209D0

Invulnerability: 1 instance @ 0x000255DA
Search: 0AE667024E754A6D0BBA6704536D0BBA
Change: 0AE667024E754A6D0BBA670460020BBA

Infinite Time (in bonus stages): 2 instances, change both
Search: 0C6D003B0ABA6622426D0ABA532D0AB5
Change: 0C6D003B0ABA6622426D0ABA60020AB5[/spoiler]

Loadstar - The Legend of Tully Bodine (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Lives: 1 instance @ 0x0001F1AC
Search: 4E5E4E754E560000302E000AD1787BA6
Change: 4E5E4E754E560000302E000A60027BA6

Infinite Health: 1 instance @ 0x0001FBE0
NOTE: Will still die from head-on collisions
Search: 4E56FFFC48E7073824787B6C3C387B9C
Change: 4E56FFFC48E7073824787B6C3C386002

Infinite Shields: 1 instance @ 0x0001EDC8
Search: 7B6C317C00010060302E000AD1787BAA
Change: 7B6C317C00010060302E000A60027BAA

Stop Timer: 1 instance @ 0x0001EE22
Search: 004C6C2C7C01062A0064004C532A004B
Change: 004C6C2C7C01062A0064004C6002004B[/spoiler]

Shadow Of The Beast 2 (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Continues: 1 instance @ 0x00019AC6
Search: 3D7CFFFF08B2426E41544E75536E4154
Change: 3D7CFFFF08B2426E41544E7560024154

Infinite Health: 1 instance @ 0x0001753C
Search: 09DE426E09E0322E0A5CE360916E0A5A
Change: 09DE426E09E0322E0A5CE36060020A5A

Infinite Spears on pickup: 1 instance @ 0x0001BD24
Search: 205F4E75102E08D9720181011D4008D9
Change: 205F4E75102E08D972018101600208D9

Infinite Axes on pickup: 1 instance @ 0x0001BC38
Search: FFE44E75102E08D8720181011D4008D8
Change: FFE44E75102E08D872018101600208D8[/spoiler]

Battlecorps (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Health: 1 instance @ 0x000299D8

Stellar Fire
[spoiler]Infinite Shields: 18 instances, change the 6 below
Search: 484192406A04323C000048412141003A
Change: 484192406A04323C000060042141003A

Change @ the following addresses:
0x04214FBC (stage 1)
0x04290BC4 (stage 2)
0x0431B5B0 (stage 3) NOTE: stay close(r) to the boss during the battle so he can't throw a long range icicle that'll stick in your vehicle causing the game to crash.
0x043B3154 (stage 4)
0x0442DA58 (stage 5)
0x044C250C (stage 6)[/spoiler]

Radical Rex (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Continue Time: 1 @ 0x000F9490
Search: FF7033FC003C0002FFD253790002FFD4
Change: FF7033FC003C0002FFD260040002FFD4

Infinite Continues: 11 instances, change the first 10
Search: 4A40670000B022790000F9565369000E
Change: 4A40670000B022790000F9566002000E
or change all:
Search: 00143029000E670000BC4EB9000257644A40670000B022790000F9565369000E
Change: 00143029000E670000BC4EB9000257644A40670000B022790000F9566002000E

Infinite Lives: 11 instances, change the first 10
Search: F9566000009408070000665053690010
Change: F9566000009408070000665060040010
or change all:
Search: F956600000940807000066505369001067106100010453406700FF1822486000
Change: F956600000940807000066506004001067106100010453406700FF1822486000

Infinite Health: 10 instances, change all
Search: 302D0098670690416E0270003B400098
Change: 302D0098670690416E02700060040098

No Damage from Nose Leeches: 2 instances, change both
Search: 4EF90000C62220790000FBE491680098
Change: 4EF90000C62220790000FBE460020098

Invulnerability (after 1st hit on each stage): 10 instances, change all
NOTE: Lava and certain enemies that eat or crush will still kill you and sabre tooth tiger breath will too if it's the initial hit.
Search: 4E75302C00306718534039400030
Change: 4E75302C00306718600439400030

Invulnerability Bonus Stages: 3 instances, change all
Search: FFD6670E0A6D2000000853790002FFD6
Change: FFD6670E0A6D2000000860040002FFD6

Infinite Roar Fossil on pickup: 9 instances, change all
NOTE: Doesn't work on stage 7
Search: 00036734302C001A672E53403940001A
Change: 00036734302C001A672E53406002001A

Infinite Air: 2 instances, change both
Search: 67025D400440000A6A02700039400028
Change: 67025D400440000A6A02700060020028

Puffer Fish Can't Steal Your Air: 2 instances, change both
Search: 0060B06C00326504302C003239400028
Change: 0060B06C00326504302C003260020028[/spoiler]

Time Cop (E)
[spoiler]Infinite Time: 1 instance @ 0x0000AF7A
Search: 10387051670C53387051705911C07052
Change: 10387051670C53387051705911C06002

Infinite Gun: 1 instance @ 0x0000C956
Search: 66F69040720110387654810111C07654
Change: 66F69040720110387654810111C06002

Infinite Lives: 1 instance @ 0x0000CBBC
Search: 662A904072011038764E810111C0764E
Change: 662A904072011038764E810111C06002

Full = 64
Infinite Health: 1 instance @ 0x0000B8F2
Search: 72B231FC043672B050F8764D51787652
Change: 72B231FC043672B050F8764D51786002

Invulnerable: 1 instance @ 0x0000C65A
Search: 00FF3D4000464A6E005A6718536E005A
Change: 00FF3D4000464A6E005A67186004005A normal
Change: 00FF3D4000464A6E005A67186002005A blinking

Infinite Bombs: 1 instance @ 0x0000BF70
Search: 10387655670E92417201810111C07655
Change: 10387655670E92417201810111C06002[/spoiler]
Time Cop (U)-one level demo
[spoiler]Infinite Time: 1 instance @ 0x0000CBE2
Search: 10387049670C53387049705911C0704A
Change: 10387049670C53387049705911C06002

Infinite Lives: 1 instance @ 0x0000EC12
Search: 662A9040720110387648810111C07648
Change: 662A9040720110387648810111C06002

Infinite Health: 1 instance @ 0x0000D69E
Search: 72AC31FC043672AA50F876475178764C
Change: 72AC31FC043672AA50F8764751786002

Infinite Bullets: 1 instance @ 0x0000E9AA
Search: 66F6904072011038764E810111C0764E
Change: 66F6904072011038764E810111C06002

Invulnerable: 1 instance @ 0x0000E6A8
Search: 00FF3D4000464A6E005A6718536E005A
Change: 00FF3D4000464A6E005A67186004005A normal
Change: 00FF3D4000464A6E005A67186002005A blinking[/spoiler]

Battle Frenzy (U)
[spoiler]Infinite Ammo on pickup (all weapons): 1 instance @ 0x00407112
Search: 4A7900059DEE66000004E28891AB0002
Change: 4A7900059DEE66000004E28860020002

Infinite Lives: 1 instance @ 0x00404BA4
Search: 0040322E01003D410102D2403D410100
Change: 0040322E01003D410102D24060020100

Infinite Continues: 1 instance @ 0x004041A2
Search: 4EB90000BB4A6000003A537900059CC2
Change: 4EB90000BB4A6000003A600400059CC2

Infinite Continue Time: 1 instance @ 0x003FE02A
Search: 0647003248A70B004EBAD8904C9F00D0
Change: 0647003248A70B004EBAD8904C9F6002

Infinite Health: 1 instance @ 0x00404AD0
Search: 4EB9000374064CDF470170003D400106
Change: 4EB9000374064CDF4701700060060106

Disable Stage-End Countdown: 1 instance @ 0x003D32C6
Search: 7200323900059D8C534133C100059D8C
Change: 7200323900059D8C600233C100059D8C[/spoiler]

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