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Homebrew Games / New ZX Spectrum homebrew: SOPHIA
« on: October 31, 2017, 06:12:20 AM »
Hi everyone!

I am glad to introduce you Sophia, the master wizard girl on a mission to save the Empire from destruction and humanity from enslavement!

A brand new game for the ZX Spectrum inspired by such classic titles as Cybernoid, Equinox and Druid, with the following features:
- 4 levels
- 85 screens
- 20 different enemy sprites
- 5 tunes
- Final boss fight
- Successful end of game sequence

Game and printer-friendly documentation available in six languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Designed for models with 128K RAM but can run (without AY sound) on 48K/+ ZX Spectrums equipped with Beta Disk/Plus D/DivIDE/DivMMC interfaces.

Controls: Keyboard (fully redefinable), Kempston, Sinclair.

File formats: TZX (accelerated with SetoLOAD), TAP, TRD, SCL and MGT.

Freely downloadable from:

Have fun!

Homebrew Games / New ZX Spectrum 128K game: SETO TAISHO VS YOKAI
« on: February 29, 2016, 14:24:07 PM »

Hello everyone! SETO TAISHO VS YOKAI, my new game for the 128K ZX Spectrum, is out today.

It is a platform game where you, as Seto Taisho, the "Crockery General" of Japanese folk tradition, must fight against the Yokai, the monsters and goblins of Japan, in an effort to liberate the country from their overwhelming presence - which Seto itself contributed, with its misuse of magic, to unleash.

  • Three levels of 12 screens each, plus a boss screen for each one of them and a bonus screen
  • 9 enemies, 3 bosses and 1 bonus character
  • A different background music for each level
  • SetoLOAD, a new turbo loading scheme, specially devised for the game
  • Game and manual in five different languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Secrets and surprises for you to discover
  • More file formats than you can shake a (chop)stick at

Download it (cassette inlay cards available separately for each language) from the web page hosted on my website:


Have fun with the Yokai!

Homebrew Games / New ZX Spectrum game: COUSIN HORACE
« on: October 01, 2014, 14:05:05 PM »
Hello everyone!

After many months of work, finally COUSIN HORACE is here, my new game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48/128 - an epic adventure with the following main features:
  • Five different chapters
  • An immersive plot illustrated by and comic book-like in-between screens.
  • Comes in TZX (Biturbo-II fast loader) and TAP format.
  • Game and documentation immediately available in six different languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

But who is Cousin Horace, actually?

The idea came to me by looking at the cassette inlays of the versions of Horace games made for the Timex Sinclair 2068, the American clone of the Spectrum. The character portrayed on them bears very little resemblance to the one we all know and love, although the games themselves are indistinguishable from their Spectrum counterparts.

The game was developed with the help of several programming tools, among which La Churrera, Arcade Game Designer and Shoot-Em-Up-Designer.

Download it from my web site (link at the bottom of article)

Have fun!

Introductions / Hi there
« on: May 16, 2014, 18:33:13 PM »
Hello, I just joined this forum after having been contacted by zapiy on the World Of Spectrum one.

I am chiefly interested in the Sinclair ZX Spectrum range: I even developed some games for it recently and wrote Spectrumpedia, the most comprehensive book about it to date, which at present is only available in Italian, both as a free PDF download and printed book (published by Universitalia Editrice) for sale. I started work on an English edition but suspended it last year mainly due to work reasons and attention diverted by other retro-related things (having some attempts at game design), although I am considering taking it up again later this year.

I am also assistant editor for an independent Italian website about current and retro gaming and computing, GamesArk. In the past I also wrote several articles and reviews for it but nowadays I mainly check other contributors' work before their release. However I am currently working at an article about a recent visit I paid to the Computing History Museum in Cambridge, UK.

My released games for the Spectrum are:

Lost In My Spectrum


Funky Fungus (128K only)

Al's Double Bill (128K only)

Cronopios Y Famas

They are all available in several file formats and with game and documentation in several languages (download links are at the bottom of each page).

I am also currently working at a new game in five episodes, which at present is about 65% done. It's called Cousin Horace and you can read more about it in the official thread in the WOS forum.

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