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Hello everybody,

Firstly I couldn't let this pass on the opportunity to share with you all a very special collection of Selective and fantastic collection of Atari  related merchandise and one in which I have had an honour and collaboration in helping to design an exclusive set of vintage atari mouse mats I guarantee you simply will not find anywhere else other than from Rhayader Computers. All previews were rendered by Rhayader Computers and composited into the previews below by Darren Doyle a.k.a. (Greyfox™).

So it's with great pleasure I present to you all here the.......


First up in the Atari 8-bit range Collection One

These Mouse mats are printed on the highest quality of Mouse mat Fabric-covered rubber backed 5mm thick 250x190 print is 300dpi dye sub and not on a plastic laminate mouse mat to you find on the likes of eBay, James Grayson founder and owner of Rhayader Computers has vast knowledge & experience over many years in perfecting very high-quality products of this nature and guarantees 100% quality on all his mouse mats and even has a personal customisation service if there is something you haven't seen on their website it can be made for you. This collection of Mouse mats were exclusively created by James and myself for the Atari Community as we felt that Atari vintage branding deserved to be showcased in the manner from my painstakingly Atari 400 keyboard layout mat design as created from scratch and exclusively only available at Rhayader Computers and nowhere else on the internet these can only be got from us.

The Atari 8-bit range Collection Two

Again as you can see from these reviews to which does not do the Mouse mats justice in real life, James has perfected his art in both creating these designs and bringing them into reality for those who love the Atari Brand and what it stood for back in the 1970's to the 1980's & 90's. As you can see we both have recreated the likes of the box art of the Atari 130xe and an informative Atari 800xl spec mouse mat to liven up your desktop, So do yourself a favour and get on board today!.
The Atari 16-bit range Collection One

As you would expect a natural progression to the wonderful Atari 16 bit era, covering the Atari ST range of machines for those that owned one from my design of the actual Atari 1040ST box art the computer came in including strips and all :). to the Atari Ste computer and beyond, these are very nice to look at and even better to have in physical form, we spend a lot of time planning these mouse mat designs out and making them a reality for all Atari fans to own and enjoy only at Rhayader Computers.

The Atari 16-bit and Fuji range Collection Two

If it is a case to where you simply love the original and wonderful iconic Atari Fuji logo we have you covered with more designs presently in production and will be added to the website as they are created. but wait this is not all we have to offer, did I mention that Rhayader Computers also do many different formats other than Atari? or that we also produce video game related mouse mats across a range of computer platforms and consoles? well, we all love our vintage games, don't we? well, what about something like this our very own exclusive mouse mat?

Now that you have seen a very small selection of this wonderful reto gaming related mouse mats..comes the dreaded part of how much do these cost? does this include free shipping? do you ship around the world etc?, Are these guys reliable and trustworthy?. Well to make it easy all round the below graphic should answer all your question in this regard.

Now the trustworthy part...I myself have gained the respect of the Atari community after producing many Atari related stuff like the Atari Gamer magazine series which can be seen over at and have a great following on many Atari related and retro gaming related facebook pages and groups, as well as being apart of the team here at which I help support many great products and projects from all walks of the retro gaming community and with this being no exception in helping create awareness to Atari fans and retro gaming fans in general about Rhayader Computers and their great products and also the ones they have planned later in the year which are simply going to blow people away..believe me..I've seen some of it and it is simply awesome. James service is fast, effective and professional in delivering high-quality merchandise to YOU the fans, so I hope you show some interest in these.

Disclaimer : As these mouse mats are being sold with Atari branding in mind from a vintage period, it is important that James Grayson, Rhayader Computers acknowledge the copyright ownership of Atari Inc.whom hold the right to the Atari fuji logo™ and generalisation of the Atari™ brand, therefore, the mouse mats are sold under the pretence of "mouse mat blanks" to which you the customer are purchasing, the imagery contained on the mouse mat is given freely and not a chargeable item.

With these mouse mats being handcraft and printed we urge people interested in purchasing a favorite mouse mat of their choice not simply claim they will order one and not follow through, these items have now become high demand items on an order basis and we please ask that no TIME WASTERS initially commit and then don't follow through with their order..thank you all for your understanding. Please Visit Rhayader Computers to get started over at.


Retro Chat / Happy Amiga Day!!
« on: May 31, 2016, 21:28:50 PM »
[center:re8k43fu][size=150]Happy Amiga Day everyone!!!!, let's do this in style!!, have a beer on me ;)[/size]

"Quote from Indie Retro News"
"It is time to celebrate ' International Amiga Day ' which is held every 31st May in celebration of Jay Miner who, according to Gyorgy Dragon, was the father of the Amiga and today is his birthday! Amiga owners and Emulation users across the globe will be once again playing original Amiga games, fixing the original hardware and even giving the old girl a new look with a spruced up paint job."

Retro Media. / A new found hobby Arcade real life postcards
« on: April 12, 2016, 16:00:02 PM »
I'd seen an image a friend of mine posted on face on the classic Outrun "Ferrari" around a quiet country road directly below and thought, that's a great take on a classic arcade game and incorporating it within a real life scenario and it seem to be a bit of an addiction now creating them, so I have a few more I'm looking at doing, it's all for a bit of Arcade Art imitating life.


so I decided I'd do one on the classic from Sega the great "After Burner" which was first posted in my Coin Op Arcade Guide post, but I decided to give them their own thread, so I hope you all enjoy them and if you have any realistic suggestions on making some new ones, post them here.

[align=center:2dyle852]After Burner (c) Sega 1987[/align:2dyle852]

and the newly created today, a great game that I played to dead in the arcades

[align=center:2dyle852]Chase H.Q. Taito (c) 1988[/align:2dyle852]

[align=center:2dyle852]Thunder Blade Sega (c) 1987[/align:2dyle852]

[center:2dyle852]A Platform Crossover[/center:2dyle852]

more to follow :)

Retro News Round up / Kick-Off 2 Amsterdam Live Tournament 2016
« on: March 08, 2016, 11:41:13 AM »
A huge Amiga fans dream has come true and is setting the center stage, Alan Byrne is hosting a kickoff 2 tournament in Amsterdam in a few weeks. There are still places left. Dino Dini Creator of the Kick-Off Series will himself be at the event in Amsterdam too. For more details on this amazing tournament please visit their official site over at

Please share this post with your Amiga footie fans, it's going to be epic as the world cup itself!

Have a good fella's!

Retro News Round up / Fergus McGoven has passed away
« on: February 27, 2016, 19:24:35 PM »
for those you who know who this is, he was the man behind Probe Software and was a huge part of the 8-bit and 16-bit computer era and was responsible for many great games, Fergus McGovern has passed away suddenly and you can read more about Fergus here : ... s.mcgovern

R.I.P. Mr.McGoven, you and your company brought many people great enjoyment and memories, which will not be forgotten.

Details are sketchy at the moment, but I'm sure more will be made clear in the next day or so. Information source :

R.I.P. Fergus , enjoyed your great interview From Bedroom to Billionaires and loved the games that came from Probe Software. :(
Firstly this year, from Atari UK 's Les Player, then the great Dave Needle and now Fergus McGovern, very sad news indeed.

Retro News Round up / Amigaville digital Amiga Magazine Issue 4
« on: February 05, 2016, 12:01:20 PM »
Hi all,

Just to let everyone know there is a new digital magazine for Amiga fans called "Amigaville" produced by Brian Hedley and is now into it's 4th issue, covering game reviews , News, Special features and even has its own resident Grumpy Git.  It is a small magazine designed for the Amiga community and in time hopefully by the community too.


The first 3 issues are completely free :)


For more details head over to : for more.

Android, iOS & Mobile Gaming / Retrospecs - 8-bit Photography App
« on: January 13, 2016, 10:11:36 AM »
I downloaded this app a few weeks ago and have been having great fun with it, Retrospecs is an app designed to allow you to take a photo or one you already have and turn it into either an 8-bit or 16-bit image from a classic console and computer listing across a whooping 42 platforms, which is ridiculously insane.
I have shared a few of the images I've either taken or used from my Camera roll as you can see below how powerful the app is.
This is amazing for the likes of creating great avatars for forums, Facebook, twitter or a blog gallery and if your expert enough can export them to a computer and reprocess them into actual works of art to have framed and printed on your wall, the possibilities are pretty much endless. I have also being in contact with the Developer with regards to new suggested features that will hopefully make it into a later release.
[align=center:3co1lddj]here their website here and their Facebook page for instance updates here

Check it out, it's a cracking piece of kit. Hopefully their will be an Android version later in the year.

Entertainment / Tales of the Crypt is set to return
« on: January 07, 2016, 21:42:17 PM »
I used to love this show back in the day and now it looks It set to return to our TVs thanks to TNT, this is all set to change, how many of you enjoyed this show that ran from 1989 to 1996?, do you think there is room for such a show nowadays withe likes of Ameri?an Horror story or walking dead?

To read the full story, check it out here

Retro News Round up / Released after 31 years...comes Star Raiders 2
« on: December 11, 2015, 08:08:36 AM »
for many the sequel to a Star Raiders was a mixed bag, as its sequel was originally another game altogether based on a classic cult movie "The Last Starfighter" but when the film failed to ignite the box office Atari decided to drop the title of The Last Star Fighter which is a exceptional Atari game in its own right, released this as Star Raiders II, but a designer from the Coin Op division was and had actually produce a direct sequel to the original game, why it never seen the light of day is anyone guess...until now.

The true sequel to star raiders has finally be released and is freely available to download from the internet archive from the link above, this is a massive release after 31 years in hiding, so if you. Have a SIO2USB you can play this on real hardware, or any popular Atari 8 bit emulator.

Retro News Round up / ChipMachine (a Spotify chip tune database)
« on: November 19, 2015, 00:55:32 AM »
Are you a chip tune fan? Would you love to be able to stream your favourite computer exotic music formats across the waves to your computer? If the answer is yes and not no (though if your answer was no then I'd expect you to have left this thread by now) :)

Retro News Round up / Nintendo Quest..OUT NOW!!
« on: October 10, 2015, 17:51:34 PM »
Trailer :[/align:2awcgkeq]

have a look-see here, you can rent it or buy it.

Read this tonight a fascinating and brilliantly written feature on running a traditional and Bar inspired Arcade, I guarantee you will all enjoy this feature, to read it, please stroll over to the Arcade Bar and enjoy ;)

Entertainment / Need your help guys
« on: August 25, 2015, 14:36:09 PM »
I recently got a new position with a TV production company under the name of NearTV Productions in-conjunction with NearFM radio station which involve community based productions and presentation on many walks of life and was tasked with the goal of helping to promote a very talented musician in creating awareness for him on the NearTV you-tube channel and wondered that you guys might be interested in seeing this stuff or listening to this type of thing?

The person "Eoin Martin" a talented songwriter and singer from Co.Offaly here in Ireland and has a very unique style mixed up with superb guitar play and something to while away 20 minutes of your time, even just to listen. I guarantee you'll enjoy this set.


or if you prefer to watch on Vimeo :

I hope you will all have a peek and a listen and for the record their is a box of biscuits at steak here :). I need to get as many views as I can for Eoin, so invite as many people to have a look as you can tx.

Thanks fella's


Although I really don't know a lot about the Atari Jaguar as it wasn't my area of play when it came out, I certainly have played the great shoot em up of Xenon 2 - Megablast on the Amiga in the year of 1989. A game that was developed by The Bitmap Brothers and also released on the Atari ST, IBM PC, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, Acorn Archimedes, Game Boy and Sharp X68000. But the news of today is that same game is being ported over to the Jaguar by 'Reboot' with permission from the Bitmap Brothers!
With a heads up by RetrOtaku and according to Reboot, this vertically scrolling shoot 'em up in which was pretty unusual for its time, as the player's spaceship can reverse the scrolling of the play area for a limited distance. Will hopefully be every bit as good as the original game with lots of enemy waves, deadly landscapes and powerful power ups. There is a down side to all of this though, due to licensing reasons it wont have the original music as it will be created by 505. So lets just hope that 505 can pull of a damn fine tune, as it it was the quality of the music and graphics that led to the game's memorability.


Retro Chat / What the Missus thinks of all this?
« on: August 20, 2015, 13:11:15 PM »
I thought this would be a fun topic amongst us old Skool gaming farts (well some of us) to get off their chest what their other half thought and made of all this retro gaming, collecting and general retro gaming hobby we all love and enjoy?

For me, I know she tolerates it and the retro related work I do, but I believe that's out of respect as she has no grasp of what I'm talking about half the time :36:

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