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Retro Media. / Re: Art of Atari - book and help needed
« on: January 24, 2014, 16:14:38 PM »
Thanks for the help in finding pieces, zapiy!

And TrekMD, updates:
-I'm writing an article about the art of Atari and our efforts for the new RETRO magazine. Not sure yet when it will appear.
-Soon to be getting another handful of negatives of artwork from former Atari artist Terry Hoff (he did Star Raiders and many others)

Will be continuing talks with one of the publishers we're talking to, hopefully next week.

Thanks, all!

Retro Media. / Art of Atari - book and help needed
« on: January 09, 2014, 16:17:54 PM »
Hi, all.

I'm brand new to this forum, but on the advice of a great mod here and fellow AtariAge member, I thought I'd post here about what we're doing. I've been part of this scene for quite a few years, and am very passionate about Atari. I wanted to tell everyone about a project that has been in the works for a couple years already -- to share what we're doing, and to hopefully enlist some help here in the greater classic gaming community.

I am researching and writing a book about the Art of Atari. We are focusing on the art, illustration, and design of Atari -- specifically and mostly the home console part. I've interviewed more than a dozen artists, graphic designers and others who worked at/for Atari back in the day, as well as Nolan himself. It's my opinion that the artwork of Atari was more than just a way for the games to stand out on the shelves, or to help sell cartridges and consoles. It's art in its own right, and has a unique tie to the company, the games, and the memories of our youth. And unlike today, the amazing art helped inform the gameplay, because it served to augment the imagination when combined with much-simpler graphics of the time. I want to highlight the unsung heroes of Atari -- artists, designers, art directors -- and show their important and unique contributions to the games we love.

My team and I have been collecting production slides, negatives, and in some cases shooting original artwork owned by some in our community here. I was able to acquire some negatives and slides that were once used by Atari for creation of their printed materials, and I've also gotten scans of work from the artists themselves. We are trying hard to gather as much production-quality art as possible, to make sure that this final book is big, comprehensive, beautiful, and shows the artwork in the best possible way. (And to answer the question, yes, we need a higher quality for printing than just scanned boxes, though we'd done a lot of that as well for context within the book.)

So, we could really use your help. If you have original artwork (or know someone who does), or slides and negatives, or unique production sketches (industrial design will also be a part of the book), I'd love to talk with you. We are also looking for other large, printed pieces, like unique posters, mobiles, flyers, etc that show off the art and graphic design of Atari. Still looking for high-res scans of some of the rarer Atari games (think Crazy Climber) too. Attached are a couple samples of pieces we've gathered already. I'm also considering selling some of our duplicate negatives and slides in order to fund additional research, but I'll post about that soon.

I've already done some interviews about the topic, and here are a couple:

We are in talks with 2 different publishers, and even though the bankruptcy of current Atari has slowed us down in terms of licensing, we're confident all of the legal and business parts of this will be buttoned up, and that we'll have a solid deal soon.

So, thanks for listening, and let me know if you're willing or able to lend a hand. I'd love for this part to be a bit of a community effort, and I'll happily give public credit in the final book to anyone who is able to help us in even the smallest of ways. I'm making this book for all of us who love Atari and want to see these great memories and art preserved. Thanks!

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