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Retro News Round up / Re: New Retro Game Console
« on: February 26, 2015, 21:14:22 PM »
Again, I really appreciate the discussion here and I am making sure our hardware engineers are keeping tabs on your comments.  We will be posting our "official" story on the RETRO VGS on our website today, I hope -

In the meantime to follow us along on our journey follow us on Facebook: ... 6545070951

And Twitter:

Thanks all!!

Mike Kennedy
RETRO Media Network

Retro News Round up / Re: New Retro Game Console
« on: February 19, 2015, 16:21:03 PM »
Hey Everyone! 

I am really enjoying reading everyone's take on this upcoming venture.  It give's my team food for thought.  To begin, I want to assure you all, that this will not be anything like the OUYA or any other android device for that matter.  In fact, like many of you, we really want this to be as close to an old school system as possible in this day and age of HD and HD TV's, which is becoming our Achilles heal in designing our hardware. Ultimately, we wanted to write as close to the metal as technologically possible and have little to no OS intrusion. Unfortunately, because of pretty much needing to output in HD it's forcing our hand in a direction we really didn't want to go.  But, I am not going at this alone and have a very experienced team heading up hardware/software design.  And all are RETRO gamer's at heart and have ton's of industry cred and will do what is best to create a love letter of a system dedicated to all the past cartridge based consoles that have come before it.  Think about what a 2-D console would have performed like after the NEO GEO and that is where we are heading.

We are also talking with and having very positive conversations with many big publishers as well as other pretty famous game developing individuals about deving new games based on many of your favorite 16-bit game franchises.  It will be very fun to see what games will be launched with this system and could be one of the best supported launches in years, especially for RETRO gamers, if we have anything to say about it :) 

It is also very important to me/us to keep this open source and very accessible to all levels of homebrew and indie game development. In fact, we will have a dev support team that will work with the smallest of homebrewers to help get their game on a cartridge, put it in a great looking box with a high quality instruction book, so they may sell their games on their own website, expos, ebay, etc.  And if a game is presented to our team in this fashion and we think we can take it to our larger installed user base, we will negotiate a publishing deal and take their game to the masses.  And the game catalog continues to build  . . . . . .

Since the RETRO VGS won't be expected to increase its capabilities every few years we think it could have a very long life helping to maintain the culture of gaming that has been diminishing the past few console generations.  As long as there are developers who love creating RETRO style games in what has now really become an "artform" and as long as people still value classic style gameplay over real-life graphics then the RETRO VGS could be around for a very long time.

And, what has really made this venture possible is the tracking down and purchase of the original Atari Jaguar console and cartridge tooling.  This has literally saved us a few hundred thousand dollars in start-up costs and I for one think it's pretty great to repurpose what was a pretty attractive gaming console that certainly has it's roots in RETRO.  Of course, it will be completely rebranded and reengineered.  And we have a great RETRO inspired controller to go along with it. 

If you guys want to keep tabs on things as they progress keep an eye out initially at and soon we will have a web page devoted to the RETRO Video Game Console (VGS) - at  Twitter is now at

And, if you are a developer and interested in learning more, please contact me directly at  I have received many emails already and will be responding to all of you shortly.  We hope to have a developer system specification sheet done very soon and it will tell you what you need to know about deving games for the RETRO VGS.

As far as the name, RETRO VGS, it is all part of our brand with the RETRO Magazine which will go hand-in-hand with the console. Some pages will be dedicated to previewing upcoming RETRO VGS games, interviews and liner notes with RETRO VGS dev's, concept art and anecdotes, etc.

We are shooting for a March/April Kickstarter. And this will be unlike any Kickstarter you've seen as it will essentially be Kickstarting the console AND a variety of launch titles (some sequels of fan favorites) all at the same time.  So should be interesting!

- Mike

Quote from: "Greyfox"
Ohh dear that old gremlin still hanging about? , sounds like a good issue :)

We are still working hard to make everyone happy.  It is rather difficult in 68 pages, but now we are at 76 for issue 7 I think that will help.  We have some great stuff coming from Warren Davis and SCORPIA :)  Oh, we are also bringing on Graeme Mason for some UK perspective. 

Thanks guys!

Quote from: "zapiy"
You make valid points that many people will be thinking, would be good if [member=5080]ReadRetro[/member] or [member=5131]Jokeontheworld[/member] could fill us in?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to come in here and address.  Since we have continued to sell subscriptions all year long, it should be obvious we have already committed to year two regardless of the outcome of this next Kickstarter campaign.  We are using this campaign to fund improvements like adding more pages, adding more illustrators and artists, adding surprise magazine, custom art pull-out inserts, adding more favorite gaming writers and personalities, expanding our retail circulation through stores like Barnes and Noble and Hastings Entertainment, etc.

We wanted to give our original backers an opportunity to buy in at the same price as they paid in the original Kickstarter, even though our subscription rate will go up with these added improvements.  Other magazines, like Nintendo Force have also run second year Kickstarter campaigns so this is not something out of the ordinary.  Also, Kickstarter's have kind of become a marketing tool now as well -- as these tend to get additional press.  So it just makes sense to continue to use Kickstarter in this fashion.

Look for our year two Kickstarter campaign to launch this weekend from the Portland Retrogaming Expo.

Retro Events / Re: Classic Gaming Expo 2014
« on: September 25, 2014, 22:58:03 PM »
Many of these panels have been heard before, but one exception was Ed Averett.  Ed was the guy behind about all of the Odyssey 2 games - about 30 of them.  He did them all by himself and this was the first time he has ever attended an expo to discuss that time in his life.  It was also my Odyssey 2 running in the console room and Ed sat down to play it with me and autographed my O2 console and KC Munchkin cart.  It was awesome  :77:

Here is an audio link to Ed's panel.

And links to some of our media:

Retro Events / Re: Classic Gaming Expo 2014
« on: September 25, 2014, 17:35:03 PM »
Quote from: "TrekMD"
I don't think they have the Activision Panel posted, so here is the video.  This was another nice panel...

[align=center:ppyt4667]Classic Gaming Expo 2014 - Activision Alumni Panel[/align:ppyt4667]

It was great meeting you Trek!  It's great people are posting all the panel videos and audio.  One of the bad things about being on the team running the expo AND having a booth, I missed all these  :-

Time is flying!  Already publishing our third issue of RETRO!  Are you a subscriber yet?  Also, some big news as RETRO has been approved by Barnes and Noble for national distribution here in the USA.  We hope to have this all set up by the release of our 4th issue in July!

Check out our issue #3 preview and also score some great print or digital subscription discounts!  Come join us!

Thanks!  We do appreciate the discussions, input and magazine reviews over here.  We do take all the feedback we get from all sources and try to use it to help us give readers what they want.  We are hoping that a $10 intro offer on the digital will eventually turn into international print subscriptions :)


Introduce yourself to RETRO! 

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Here is a preview of #2:

Issue #3 will be a themed RPG Issue.

Thanks guys!   :67:

Quote from: "zapiy"
Quote from: "ReadRetro"
Quote from: "TrekMD"
Hey, ReadRetro, any plans to do coverage on the Vectrex?  It is the most unique retro system, still without a real competitor even today.  No one else has done real vector graphics for a home console.

Yes, you will see Vex material in future issues :)

Quote from: "TrekMD"
Hey, ReadRetro, any plans to do coverage on the Vectrex?  It is the most unique retro system, still without a real competitor even today.  No one else has done real vector graphics for a home console.

Yes, you will see Vex material in future issues :)

Quote from: "Bobinator"
So, hey, ReadRetro, if you're around, I just wanted to let you know I went ahead and bought the digital subscription. I'm honestly more interested in seeing a different perspective from the way RG's writers tend to see things, so here's hoping for the best from you guys!

Thanks!  The digital issues will be hitting next week!  About the same time the print issues will start hitting mailboxes.  Hope you enjoy and please let us know what you think.

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