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Title: Atari Jaguar: T2K emulator setup in Linux
Post by: Saturn on August 21, 2016, 05:23:34 AM
Just got this set up and played an awesome game of Tempest 2000. Didn't know a Linux version existed until I happened across some posts while searching for JagCD games. Incredible 8)

Download Linux version tar from this site ( & place in Home directory
(Edit: Site doesn't seem to be up all the time so I attached the tar ball below)
Open Terminal and type in:
tar -xvf t2k-release-2005-09-16-194026.tar.gz

(can delete tar ball now, change the file extension on your dumped Tempest 2000 rom to .jag and place it in the folder that was created. Make sure the file is named exactly to: Tempest 2000.jag)

Back in Terminal"
cd t2k-release-2005-09-16-194026

F1 for full screen and F11 to throttle Jaguar realistically (slow it to normal speed)
While playing press Esc to access settings

F1 - Fullscreen toggle
F11 - Throttle toggle
O - option
P - pause (see below)
Z - A
X - B
C - C
Arrow keys
Numeric keypad (. is #)
Q - three-fingered salute to engage VLM
VLM: press Z (button A) twice to enter program mode, press O to engage
user programmable mode, then the numeric pad or numbers: first press is
bank, second press is effect in bank.

Joypads are supported.

Mouse-as-spinner mode is only loosely tested and probably not well
calibrated. Pause hits both pause keys so can be used to enable spinner
mode in game. Note that if spinner mode is enabled it is saved in the