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Title: Viva Amiga The Film
Post by: zapiy on April 07, 2014, 22:09:12 PM

Was looking around the Amiga scene and was reminded of this film, anyone got any info on its present status?
Title: Re: Viva Amiga The Film
Post by: Greyfox on May 10, 2014, 18:36:53 PM
Just thought I'd bump this.. and present a video from the Producer and Director of Viva Amiga "Zach Weddington" were he showcase 4 clips from the movie and is a all round great guy and was delighted to be apart of the team on the kickstarter for this amazing film, so please have a look and if you love Amiga, you have to have this..or have me to deal with :)

enjoy the presentation.

[align=center:3g9ei4fr] (http://http)[/align:3g9ei4fr]

extract from From the Vintage Computer Festival East 9.1, Zach Weddington talks about his film, Viva Amiga. Posted with the kind permission of Zach. Filmed by Bernardo

Ps. someone really needs to do an Atari Documentary like this.
Title: Re: Viva Amiga The Film
Post by: TrekMD on May 10, 2014, 21:28:08 PM
That was really nice!  I agree, someone needs to do the same thing for Atari!
Title: Re: Viva Amiga The Film
Post by: AmigaJay on May 18, 2014, 23:23:49 PM
Just watched it, glad its still getting released, thought it would never make it! Hope the editing will be decent and theres some cut scenes in-between interviews (those backgrounds are a little drab!)
Will pick up a copy when its released, thanks for posting GF.
Title: Re: Viva Amiga The Film
Post by: zapiy on May 19, 2014, 08:05:01 AM
Certainly been dragged out but as long as it's decent when done we will forgive that.
Title: Re: Viva Amiga The Film
Post by: zapiy on August 25, 2015, 08:41:06 AM
Looks like the movie is completed.. just a few things to iron out and we should be able to get it.
Title: Viva Amiga
Post by: Greyfox on August 25, 2015, 09:27:20 AM
Yeah, seems to be all done bar a few CGI elements being inserted, my only concern is distribution?, he has not mentioned in any capacity how he plans to deliver this to backers? I'm owned, The soundtrack, double DVD box set and poster and badge etc. and at one point he mentioned all the money raised had been spend? So how is he going to deliver to all those people?
Title: Re: Viva Amiga The Film
Post by: zapiy on August 25, 2015, 14:03:04 PM
I don't have a clue, i am sure he prolly meant he has spent all the funds for the dev and kept postage money separate.
Title: Re: Viva Amiga The Film
Post by: Greyfox on December 15, 2015, 11:17:23 AM
Just to bump this thread. News has surfaced with regards to what's been happening, but as usual it's so tin on the ground with no actual explanation to what's happening next, I thought I'd post it here, since officiously nobody here at RVG backed this project 4 years

in the next 3-4 weeks! All your questions will finally be answered!

Thanks for your patience. It was all worth it, believe me!

The reason I have waited to give an update lately is that I don't want to give the backers information that proves out to be untrue. We finished the film and are taking care of some details on the legal front. I appreciate your patience greatly. We will be bombarding you with updates after we get a couple questions answered on our end.

Again, we have a very tiny team of unpaid people helping. Without your initial contribution, the film would never have happened. But sadly, 30k is a drop in the bucket for a film of this quality. I easily spent twice as much of my own cash to make it happen, as well as thousands and thousands of my own hours.

Anyway, we made it. Just hang in there people and you'll finally be able to watch the Amiga Movie.

It's a masterpiece.


So your guess is as good as mine, as to what will be happening, I just think that although the film will be good, I feel the backers have been betrayed some what, this film was shown at a recent Amiga event before the backers got theirs? isn't it supposed to be the other way around, support those who put up the money first to be catered for? the gas thing is there were probably a whole bunch of people who didn't even back this, see it before 457 people that did..not very good PR.
Title: Re: Viva Amiga The Film
Post by: Greyfox on January 07, 2017, 12:33:03 PM
Just finished watching this...The Viva Amiga movie....worth waiting five years FOR? .....In all honesty .....YES....I've loved the style and editing acumen Zachary Weddington has excused within the film's presentation and insight. The flow works very well and although some of it content has being covered since, this doesn't matter, it's about the Amiga and this film truly champions this throughout the entire film. I wI'll admit I was in the same boat as the majority of the backers with the dsiamy of how things were handled and excited as well as the lack of correspondence to backers or wasn't enough. But the fact that the film is actually out now is testimony to the film maker keeping his promise even if we are the back end of queue which I find extremely bizarre.

The only qem for me within the film was no coverage of what is a huge clunk of the Amiga community the "Demo Scene" a real missed opportunity here or enough insight with Pacific software that made the Amiga mind blowing. .Newtek was great, but should have had more company profiles included, it's no biggie though, you won't really notice the time flying by..and last but not least the Duration of the film...1hr? Really? How did this happen? Generally any documentaries I've ever seen are normally 1hr 30 mins or greater? It was all over way to soon for soon...made me sad..😢..hopefully the extras due will help ease the pain but this really suprised me?

If you love the old school stuff and computers regardless what you owned this is well worth getting , it's another archived slice of computer history everyone should see and own..if not only to see my name in the credits at the end..😁 I was responsible for the kickstarter graphics and artwork in case you were wondering.