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Title: Sega's Downfall
Post by: zapiy on September 08, 2012, 08:40:38 AM
I think the ultimate downfall of Sega is that they should have licensed more of their games. If they did I am sure they would still be a powerhouse today.
Title: Re: Altered Beast
Post by: AmigaJay on September 09, 2012, 18:15:10 PM
Trouble was in that era ESP in the west 2d games on 3d machines didn't sell very well, hence why we didn't get a lot of eastern 2d games unless they were big in the arcades over here.

I don't think licensing games was Segas downfall, in fact it helped build up the company with the master system and Megadrive having a lot of arcade exclusives in the first place...they just lot the way with too many hardware releases confusing consumers, the mega cd was too late to the uk being 2 years behind the jap release and the 32x was just an awful stop gap that confused everyone, the Saturn was timed right but planned wrong with poor specs to start with only upped after the ps1 specs came out then became too hard for devs to get the most out of....all 3 pieces of hardware came out within 2 years! And at a cost of 860! They didn't even bother with the nomad over here as sales bombed in the the time of the Dreamcast which they got the price, games and launch right, sega had already lost respect from some of even the most loyal fans, that and Sony were now the new cool kids in the block....I say were they went downhill straight after the ps1!
Title: Re: Sega's Downfall
Post by: Rogue Trooper on November 10, 2012, 22:34:28 PM
As for downfall of Sega? how long you got....MCD was ripe for so many Super scalar arcade conversions, Sega plumped for FMV instead...Sega thought they were untouchable in 32-Bit hardware realm due to dominance (along with Namco) in Arcades.Enter Sony with huge resources, cash wise and 1 wake up call later.

32X and Nomad were costly mistakes, Sega's treatment of 3rd parties and suppliers was awful...

Saturn Hardware took a lot of flak, some of it rightfully so (single chip solution was offered to Sega by Silicon Graphics, they turned it down, went dual chip route, complete with poor etc), but some of it unfairly so.PS1  might well have topped it in area of 3D and lighting effects, but Saturn was'nt as media would have folks believe 'rubbish' at 3D, it just needed the time to be written for, by capable programming teams.

Use of Quads when everyone was using Polygons was scoffed at, but...Quads did do away with the texture warping PS suffered from.

But as a MD+MCD owner, i went Playstation route, as lost faith in Sega with MCD and the 32X just seemed cynical attempt to get more cash from me.

Went back to them for Dreamcast, but it never stood a chance again'st what people expected PS2 to deliver:all these hyperbole claims of T2/Toy Story movie quality visuals, Emotion Engine, chips so powerful in wrong hands they could be used for missile Guidance/process Nuclear material etc etc.
Title: Re: Sega's Downfall
Post by: onthinice on November 12, 2012, 19:47:24 PM
Some really good points. I think the old spread too thin was Sega's downfall. They sold a console, cd unit, two handhelds - GameGear and portable Genesis/Mega Drive, 32X add-on and who knows what the Pico was supposed to replace. Then the Saturn came just after the others.

They should have supported the 16-bit longer and delayed every other project.